My family and I have been on Royal Velvet (Autoship) for a couple of years now. This is the difference it has made in our lives:

Florence Potie: age 78 diagnosed with Alzheimer's & hypotension.

Besides natural supplements, Florence does not take any prescription drugs. Before using Royal Velvet, at least once a month an ambulance would come to the house due to fainting because of her hypotension, this has now ceased giving us a huge sigh of relief. Her daily mood is very pleasant which is not the norm for Alzheimer patients.

However our biggest confirmation is her visits to her family doctor; he is always amazed to see the shape she is in and that she still remembers his name. Without fail at each visit, the doctor will ask us if she is on any medication for her disease, and our answer is always the same "no" just the natural stuff.

Clement Potie:  age 80 has arthritis, arthrosis, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

Clement took pills for each of these conditions. Yet since taking Royal Velvet he no longer takes any pills except for the high blood pressure, which has diminished to a lower strength. He no longer has pain in his lower back, his fingers are almost completely straight and flexible, and his cholesterol is perfect. He gets tired a lot less and recovers faster when travelling. His family doctor is astonished and told him to continue doing whatever he is doing.

Karen Potie: age 39 has hypotension and cysts.

Karen's hypotension would cause her to pass out and/or to lay down to recover. These symptoms and now gone. Her cysts still exists but are less apparent, less painful and no longer rupture. Her energy is superior with a lot more stamina. Living in Montreal, Canada, our winter season is long with a lot of snow, so shuffling is a form of exercise for us. When it's the first snowfall, for the next 2 days you can feel your muscles ache. Once again the difference with Royal Velvet is huge and we are grateful.

Last but not least "me"; Mylène Potié: I am 51 working as an administrative Assistant.

I am in good health. Before taking the spray, my only complaint was lack of energy. Taking the spray has changed my life allowing me to not only be more active but to have the drive to do more. When I look around at my work colleagues, quite a few of them have tendonitis or carpal tunnel, which is a result of working on a computer day in and day out. I'm glad to say that I have no signs of this.

I can't imagine my life without Royal Velvet and I wish everyone would give it a try, there would be no going back.