Dear Mr. Sawyer,

In the 1980s I was with a group that advocated drinking distilled water.
Up until that time I had perfect teeth. After drinking distilled water for many months the enamel on my teeth eroded, and my general health deteriorated.

That is one of the experiences that makes me think that your Homeostasis Protocol is on the right track.

About three years ago I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.
I had a prostatectomy, and the doctor assured me that the cancer had not spread and that the odds were high that I would be cancer free.
Nine months later my PSA reading was sky high and the cancer had spread extensively to the bones. My doctor said he had never seen anything like it in the thousands of cases he had seen, and he had never seen anything like it in the literature.

Your Homeostasis Protocol using ionized water and natural nutrient dense foods like Royal Velvet and Royal Chlorella had great appeal to me. So I started with The Protocol January 1, 2004.

Within days I have notice that I have more energy during the day. My bursitis has been greatly alleviated. My back is stronger although I still have some mild pain. I do not have hunger pangs and the need for a snack between meals.

Porter Johnson