In October, my lung function failed big time, on what I call a breath-o-meter that has a range of 60-800. I was only able to score an 80. Then 6 months later I was under the care of a doctor and using meds and an inhaler. I was no better than 120-150. My life was miserable. I quit the doctor and the meds, I began taking Royal Velvet. Within 3 months of taking the  Royal Velvet  my score on breath-o-meter was 800 and remains there today!

Also I can say that at age 53 my flexibility is at a personal best.

Taking Royal Velvet increased my energy to where I returned to college and am still enrolled and will earn a B.A. degree with 6 more classes.

So I can say under a polygraph that Royal Velvet has been a life changing experience for me.

Kindest regards,

Stan Tackett