I am 41 years old.  I currently don't work because I have chosen to be at home at this time in my life so that I can be the mother of my children.  I divorced 4 years ago and remarried to a wonderful man 3 years ago.  Together we have 7 children.  He had two, I had four, and now we have one together.  Our oldest is 17 and our youngest is now 1.5 years old.

I found out about Royal Velvet shortly after I had my last child.   I originally bought it for my now 5 year old who was brain injured a few hours after birth because of lack of oxygen during labor and then a brain hemorrhage three hours after labor.  As a result she has cerebral palsy.   She cannot talk or move much on her own and is 100% tube fed.   I also bought if for myself however, because I realize how important it is for me to be healthy so that I can take care of my family.  

Two weeks after my last baby was born in May of 2011, I developed a blood clot in my left leg.  Mind you, I hadn't discovered Royal Velvet yet.  If I had I probably wouldn't have gotten the blood clot.  Anyways....they decided to do a procedure on my leg since this was not the first time for me.  I also developed a blood clot when I was pregnant with my first child 12 years ago.  While doing the procedure on my leg the doctor discovered via x-ray that there was a wayward IUD that was still inside of me that had perforated my uterus.  Anyways...that's a long story.  Since then I've realized that the wayward IUD was the reason my 5 year old was brain injured at birth.   But, to continue, the IUD had to be surgically removed.  In the mean time during all of this....... somehow I stumbled onto Royal Velvet.

So with in a 5 month time period, I had, a baby, two weeks later a blood clot and a procedure to put stents in my leg so it wouldn't happen again, and then a couple months later surgery to take the IUD out of my body.  While doing the surgery to take the IUD out they also discovered that the IUD had also perforated my bladder.  Needless to say they also had to cut into my bladder to get it out.

After surgery the doctor kept trying to give me pain medication because they expected me to be in extreme pain.  I was in some pain, however, not enough in my opinion to take any drugs for it.  I never once took any pain meds.  Not even Tylenol.   I just wasn't in that much pain.  I did however have Royal Velvet with me and I made sure that I took it four or more times a day.

I was also breast-feeding at the time and didn't want to hinder my ability to feed my baby.  When I had check ups with my doctor after surgery he was AMAZED, and astounded at how fast I was healing and at how well I was doing. He was also amazed that I never took any pain meds and said that I should have been in some serious pain after my surgery because of the extent of the damage that the IUD had done inside of me.   My scar is barely even visible now and my doctor has also been shocked how well, and how quickly my scar has healed.  I healed in record time with NO pain meds.  The only thing different that I was doing was taking the Royal Velvet.  And that is the only reason I can come up with as to the reason that I healed so quickly from my surgery and felt barely any pain.

I also noticed while healing from my blood clot that the circulation in my legs was improving and I stopped feeling the tingling in my feet every morning when I woke up as a result of my blood clot.  I used to have to walk around for a while before the tingling in my feet would stop so that I could have full use of my legs and feet.  While taking the spray however, I noticed that the tingling was going away and I no longer had to walk around for a while before I had full use of my feet.

I also noticed that I never got sick once while taking Royal Velvet either.  I didn't even come down with a cold.   My skin started to look younger too.   My bowel movements were also more regular and healthy looking.  I used to only have 1 bowel movement a day.  While taking the spray I have two or three.  I know that's gross but it's true.

My little girl is so severely brain injured that I didn't notice any  dramatic differences in her yet.  Her changes are so subtle that it's hard to record sometimes.