• I thought you might find this interesting.  I have a Somatomedin C Test (IGF - Growth Hormone Indicator test) every year. I started using Royal Velvet around September of last year. To date, since using Royal Velvet, my IGF has increased 50 points.  That is wonderful!!!!

    Thanks for your time!

    Ann Page

  • I am 54 yrs. old and have been using Royal Velvet for about 2 years.  Who isn't looking for the fountain of youth…Right?   For me  the area of concern was my lack of energy,  undesirable weight gain, and being pre-menopausal.

    Almost immediately I noticed a wonderful improvement in my energy level. I am a chauffeur and staying awake was becoming a challenge. I was very excited and relieved that all it took to correct that issue was using Royal Velvet!!

    After about a year I was able to loose 18 lbs and I have kept it off.

    Of course the night sweats and hot flashes were beginning and I am determined to go thru this experience with no drugs!!!   So when these symptoms began I increased the amount of sprays to 5 times a day and I am pleased to announce that I no longer have night sweats or hot flashes!!!!

    Another thing I would like to add but unfortunately I don't have the pictures to prove it is that 2 years ago I went on a cruise and had the ship photographer take my picture.  The next day I went to look for them expecting to purchase them and was extremely disappointed with how they looked.  The lines and wrinkles around my eyes were so unattractive that for the first time I did not purchase pictures. In fact I was disgusted on how old I was looking.  Then about 2 months ago I went on another cruise and again had the ship photographer take my picture.   Apprehensively I searched for them remembering my experience 2 yrs. prior and found them.  I was pleasantly surprised on how lovely the pictures turned out that I purchased 4 prints.  My skin and the lines and wrinkles around my eyes were diminished!! 

    I am so grateful that Royal Velvet helped me to achieve these results in a safe and natural way without the use of drugs or surgery.   My autoship has been money worth spent!!!!!

    Thank-you very much!!!

    Annette Kazmerzak

    Denver, CO

  • I just wanted to write a note to thank you and share my results from my first bottle of Royal Velvet.

    I must first say that I am quite a skeptic when it comes to health products....I have just tried so many things that had been touted to help, only to find that they really didn't make much difference or if they did, the benefits were not lasting. 

    But, right away, I had a good feeling about Royal Velvet and I am happy to say I have only been AMAZED and GRATEFUL for all the wonderful benefits I have noticed in the two weeks of use.

    I am going through menopause which means my sleep has been horrible, mood unstable, weight rising, all the "wonderful" things that go along with this time of life. 

    But, within the first day of using RV, I SLEPT!!!!!  And it was not just sleep, but wonderfully deep sleep that I had not had since my teens and twenties!  I had forgotten what that kind of sleep felt like!

    My hot flashes, although not completely gone, became much more manageable right away, as well.

    And lastly, I got happy!!  I didn't think of myself as an unhappy person before, but honestly, taking RV really did seem to be peeling back the years so that I felt strong, vigorous and full of energy to take on life again, in a way that had become a distant memory.  This has been such a gift....I feel like I am getting my life back!

    At 52, I still have a lot I want to accomplish, and with RV, I feel like I have the nutritional support I need, at LAST, to carry forward with life in a bright, energetic way.  My cells are happy -- I can truly feel that level of difference!

    Thank you so much for making this wonderful product available.  I am signing up for auto-ship, happily -- I look forward to getting my 25 year old son on the product as well -- halting the aging process before it has a chance to catch up with him!

    Thank you so so much again!!!


    Bonnie Van Stone

  • I wanted to let you know how much I love your product Royal Velvet. It is balancing my hormones and has greatly reduced the annoying hot flashes, how wonderful! I also give it to my 15 year old dog, as soon as he hears me squirting mine he comes and sits to wait for his shot - he has been taking it for over 6 months now and seems to be growing younger by the month.

  • I have benefited from taking Royal Velvet daily for several years. I will never be without it for the remainder of my life.  I have experienced what I consider to be reversed aging. It was incredible to feel immediate changes in my body in so many ways.  I felt I received a new chance in life, a fresh start with a healthy body and feelings of hope and excitement.  This in turn led to major life changes coming forth knowing that I would have many more decades to come.

    I will say here that I am 65.  Normally, I have a policy of not revealing my actual age because I look at least 10 years younger and feel better than I did in my 30’s.  I truly don’t think in terms of my age, since I think, feel, and move younger than many people I know in my age bracket.  If someone asks my age, I say I’m getting younger every day.  They then guess my age and typically its 10-15 years younger.

    Within one day of starting the spray, my life-long insomnia disappeared, and since then I go to sleep quickly, have a great sleep state for fewer hours, and then awake energized and ready to go! Something I have dreamed about obtaining all my life!  This was a major and significant improvement to my quality of life.

    Within three weeks, my year-long severe menopausal symptoms disappeared.  I was particularly ecstatic about no longer having uncomfortable hot flashes and mood swings. 

    My hair color is my natural color, it is healthy and full-bodied.  My skin has been described as “baby soft” and very firm.  My ability to breathe was significantly improved. I was able to climb hills that I had formerly avoided, take longer walks without tiring, and participate in a more active outdoor life.  My metabolism and libido improved.

    Remarkably, my vision improved significantly. I began to not be able to see from my former glasses.  It turns out, they were 3 times stronger than I now need.  It was a delightful surprise to be seeing clear details without glasses.

    There are many other benefits that I noticed with Royal Velvet.  I have found that additional ones appear over time. The spray goes to the area of greatest need first (for me, insomnia and eliminating my menopausal symptoms) and then gradual changes at the cellular level occur.  It is truly exciting to find each new benefit, always a surprise.  I am grateful beyond words to have discovered this wonderful incredible product, it has given me a new lease on life.

    Caroline Gold


  • When I first started taking Royal Velvet I noticed that I was a lot more focused at work and during my general activities and was less easily distracted or irritated. I also felt more grounded and calm, and now had the ability to see the whole picture and not be side tracked by minor hick ups. I also had a lot more stamina during my sporting activities and at the end of the day felt less tired, while others were exhausted. Friends and colleagues mentioned that I looked “different”. I absolutely love the product as it has most certainly had a positive impact on my life. Thank you for this wonderful product.


  • Since using Royal Velvet my bulging varicose veins have shrunk dramatically.  Allergies have been reduced to a minimum and my overall health has improved with an increased energy level. 

    What a blessing!

    MJ Dees  

  • From the very first day that I sprayed Royal Velvet it has been perfect!! I have eliminated all my vitamin supplements and bio-identical hormones - it has simplified my health maintenance immensely!! Since I have only been on the product about two and a half weeks it's amazing to me that my food cravings have been eliminated and I have dropped a full dress size!!! I just ordered an extra two bottles just in case I run out!!! THANK YOU!!!