• I can't believe the effects of Royal Velvet! I pretty much just received your product and already I can feel its benefits. I was diagnosed with what was described to me as the beginnings of various types of arthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis) and as a male at the age of 26, it was somewhat disheartening. I thought that sort of thing was something you get as you grow older. But since taking Royal Velvet, and only the minimal dose, and I have only been taking it for 2 DAYS, the ache that's been in my right heel is gone! At some point of each day, I would feel it at least once, but not since starting Royal Velvet! You guys are awesome and I'm really grateful to have come across you!

    Thank you!

    Merle Symonds

  • Since using Royal Velvet my bulging varicose veins have shrunk dramatically.  Allergies have been reduced to a minimum and my overall health has improved with an increased energy level. 

    What a blessing!

    MJ Dees  

  • My family and I have been on Royal Velvet (Autoship) for a couple of years now. This is the difference it has made in our lives:

    Florence Potie: age 78 diagnosed with Alzheimer's & hypotension.

    Besides natural supplements, Florence does not take any prescription drugs. Before using Royal Velvet, at least once a month an ambulance would come to the house due to fainting because of her hypotension, this has now ceased giving us a huge sigh of relief. Her daily mood is very pleasant which is not the norm for Alzheimer patients.

    However our biggest confirmation is her visits to her family doctor; he is always amazed to see the shape she is in and that she still remembers his name. Without fail at each visit, the doctor will ask us if she is on any medication for her disease, and our answer is always the same "no" just the natural stuff.

    Clement Potie:  age 80 has arthritis, arthrosis, cholesterol and high blood pressure.

    Clement took pills for each of these conditions. Yet since taking Royal Velvet he no longer takes any pills except for the high blood pressure, which has diminished to a lower strength. He no longer has pain in his lower back, his fingers are almost completely straight and flexible, and his cholesterol is perfect. He gets tired a lot less and recovers faster when travelling. His family doctor is astonished and told him to continue doing whatever he is doing.

    Karen Potie: age 39 has hypotension and cysts.

    Karen's hypotension would cause her to pass out and/or to lay down to recover. These symptoms and now gone. Her cysts still exists but are less apparent, less painful and no longer rupture. Her energy is superior with a lot more stamina. Living in Montreal, Canada, our winter season is long with a lot of snow, so shuffling is a form of exercise for us. When it's the first snowfall, for the next 2 days you can feel your muscles ache. Once again the difference with Royal Velvet is huge and we are grateful.

    Last but not least "me"; Mylène Potié: I am 51 working as an administrative Assistant.

    I am in good health. Before taking the spray, my only complaint was lack of energy. Taking the spray has changed my life allowing me to not only be more active but to have the drive to do more. When I look around at my work colleagues, quite a few of them have tendonitis or carpal tunnel, which is a result of working on a computer day in and day out. I'm glad to say that I have no signs of this.

    I can't imagine my life without Royal Velvet and I wish everyone would give it a try, there would be no going back.

  • My left ankle has been swollen for 17 years. They call it lymph edema. 17 years ago, I dropped a box spring on my toe, which became inflamed and the infection spread up my leg. The lymph system in my lower leg has not functioned very well since that incident.

    I have done several cleanses: metal, colon, candida cleanse, a parasite cleanse following that, but to no avail. Nothing helped.

    In just one week using Royal Velvet, I actually saw decreased swelling and some veins in my foot.


    Randy Pflug

    Delaware, Ohio

  • First, I just want to say thank you so much for your product and your services. Royal Velvet has undeniably improved every area of my life, so much so that a great deal of my loved ones have started taking it and have seen miraculous healing take place in their bodies, as well. So, thank you! I love your product!

    Thank you so much!

    Rebecca Williams

  • I would like thank the folks at the healthy protocol for selling me what has turned out to be an amazing product for my health's benefit.

    Royal Velvet in just my first day of usage helped my vision and my mental clarity. It worked on my wife the first day also.

    I have been using other supplements for sleep issues and for anxiety, that I no longer need after just 2 days of using Royal Velvet. I now get in a deep sleep, quality sleep like years ago, every night. I am a former athlete in power lifting and still have a tremendous amount of muscle mass at age 56.

    I still remain very active, but have lost a great deal of my energy level due to age, however, with Royal Velvet use in just one week my energy level and muscles feel 20 years younger. I have suffered from heartburn for over 30 years and have needed the use of an allergy OTC medicine for the same time period also, but in just one week, no longer have need of either.

    I have had a slightly high diastolic reading (90-95) for the past 5 years, but now my reading is at 85 in just one week. 

    I believe that my body is actually going through a healing process at this time because of Royal Velvet.


    Ron Davis   

  • The Royal Velvet is a miracle! It gives me energy. It clears my mind. I can function better. I can understand what I'm reading! My wife on the other hand is 24 Yrs old and she always complains of headaches. When she wakes up in the morning she has stiffness and back pain and can sometimes be a little grumpy. Now she is in GREAT spirits and complains no more! It’s only been three days and we noticed a change on the first night!

    We can not wait to see what it can do for our hair, skin, and senses.

    Thank You.


    Shawn & Charlene Okendu

  • In October, my lung function failed big time, on what I call a breath-o-meter that has a range of 60-800. I was only able to score an 80. Then 6 months later I was under the care of a doctor and using meds and an inhaler. I was no better than 120-150. My life was miserable. I quit the doctor and the meds, I began taking Royal Velvet. Within 3 months of taking the  Royal Velvet  my score on breath-o-meter was 800 and remains there today!

    Also I can say that at age 53 my flexibility is at a personal best.

    Taking Royal Velvet increased my energy to where I returned to college and am still enrolled and will earn a B.A. degree with 6 more classes.

    So I can say under a polygraph that Royal Velvet has been a life changing experience for me.

    Kindest regards,

    Stan Tackett

  • My name is Tami Young and I live in a small town in Worland, Wyoming.  I am 41 years old.  I currently don't work because I have chosen to be at home at this time in my life so that I can be the mother of my children.  I divorced 4 years ago and remarried to a wonderful man 3 years ago.  Together we have 7 children.  He had two, I had four, and now we have one together.  Our oldest is 17 and our youngest is now 1.5 years old.

    I found out about Royal Velvet shortly after I had my last child.   I originally bought it for my now 5 year old who was brain injured a few hours after birth because of lack of oxygen during labor and then a brain hemorrhage three hours after labor.  As a result she has cerebral palsy.   She cannot talk or move much on her own and is 100% tube fed.   I also bought if for myself however, because I realize how important it is for me to be healthy so that I can take care of my family.  

    Two weeks after my last baby was born in May of 2011, I developed a blood clot in my left leg.  Mind you, I hadn't discovered Royal Velvet yet.  If I had I probably wouldn't have gotten the blood clot.  Anyways....they decided to do a procedure on my leg since this was not the first time for me.  I also developed a blood clot when I was pregnant with my first child 12 years ago.  While doing the procedure on my leg the doctor discovered via x-ray that there was a wayward IUD that was still inside of me that had perforated my uterus.  Anyways...that's a long story.  Since then I've realized that the wayward IUD was the reason my 5 year old was brain injured at birth.   But, to continue, the IUD had to be surgically removed.  In the mean time during all of this....... somehow I stumbled onto Royal Velvet.

    So with in a 5 month time period, I had, a baby, two weeks later a blood clot and a procedure to put stents in my leg so it wouldn't happen again, and then a couple months later surgery to take the IUD out of my body.  While doing the surgery to take the IUD out they also discovered that the IUD had also perforated my bladder.  Needless to say they also had to cut into my bladder to get it out.

    After surgery the doctor kept trying to give me pain medication because they expected me to be in extreme pain.  I was in some pain, however, not enough in my opinion to take any drugs for it.  I never once took any pain meds.  Not even Tylenol.   I just wasn't in that much pain.  I did however have Royal Velvet with me and I made sure that I took it four or more times a day.

    I was also breast-feeding at the time and didn't want to hinder my ability to feed my baby.  When I had check ups with my doctor after surgery he was AMAZED, and astounded at how fast I was healing and at how well I was doing. He was also amazed that I never took any pain meds and said that I should have been in some serious pain after my surgery because of the extent of the damage that the IUD had done inside of me.   My scar is barely even visible now and my doctor has also been shocked how well, and how quickly my scar has healed.  I healed in record time with NO pain meds.  The only thing different that I was doing was taking the Royal Velvet.  And that is the only reason I can come up with as to the reason that I healed so quickly from my surgery and felt barely any pain.

    I also noticed while healing from my blood clot that the circulation in my legs was improving and I stopped feeling the tingling in my feet every morning when I woke up as a result of my blood clot.  I used to have to walk around for a while before the tingling in my feet would stop so that I could have full use of my legs and feet.  While taking the spray however, I noticed that the tingling was going away and I no longer had to walk around for a while before I had full use of my feet.

    I also noticed that I never got sick once while taking Royal Velvet either.  I didn't even come down with a cold.   My skin started to look younger too.   My bowel movements were also more regular and healthy looking.  I used to only have 1 bowel movement a day.  While taking the spray I have two or three.  I know that's gross but it's true.

    My little girl is so severely brain injured that I didn't notice any  dramatic differences in her yet.  Her changes are so subtle that it's hard to record sometimes.  

  • I just wanted to tell you guys that I have been experiencing amazing results with the product Royal Velvet. It has given me better rest at night. I have a normal appetite and my friends and family tell me that I have lost weight.

    I even started to grow small patches of hair on top of my head!

    I no longer need to use asthma medicine, been off that for about a year. My thinking is more clear and libido has got stronger along with a general feeling of goodness and no drastic changes in mood and generally I am more calm.

    I wake early in the morning, sometimes before everyone else and I am able to do more work in the day and can get more done. I can read books like crazy, as I was never able to do that before.

    Tim Rousan

  • So far Royal Velvet is working very well. I can walk up a flight of stairs with out a pain in my knee or my hip.