• My name is Carolyn Dwyer. I am 51 years old, I am married and have 3 children,  two from my husband's previous marriage and one from my previous marriage, all grown.

    Some of my hobbies are gardening, learning new things like playing the harmonica,  jewelry making, and I'm always looking for products that keep me young.

    I was glad to find The Healthy Protocol.

    I have been using Royal Velvet for over a year now and I love it!.. I have a very physical job and it gives me all the energy I need.  I color my hair a lot less now than I used to so that's great and it saves me money.

    I sleep like a baby if I take it at night and I also take before I go to the gym and lift weights and I can tell you for a woman of 51, my muscles are very defined....It's amazing...I take 5 sprays 3 times a day and that seems to do it for me.

    Love your product..

    Many Thanks,

    Carolyn Dwyer


  • To the great folks at The Healthy Protocol,

    My name is Charles Hafer. I currently attend the Savannah College of Art and Design and, since using Royal Velvet, can gladly say that the little sleep I manage to get is now much more effective. Between classes and extracurricular clubs and projects, I average about four hours a night and wake up refreshed (often after lucid dreaming).

    In addition, I've gained roughly twenty pounds of lean muscle using Royal Velvet along with a very basic workout routine. Overall, the results I've experienced while taking Royal Velvet with regards to my health have helped me in my educational career. Thank you.


  • I was introduced to Royal Velvet by a friend of mine.  I'm 46.  He thought that I would get lots of benefits out of it because of my age. He Was Right! 

    I lost 15 pounds of fat in 3 months, my muscle tone was back to what it was 10 years ago, I started sleeping better the first week, my dreams increased, I had more energy during the day, my mental clarity improved, my depression disappeared, the intimacy between my wife and I improved, even my eye sight improved!!!  Now I'm on the "auto ship" program, and couldn't be happier!  You have EXCELLENT Customer Service.    

    All I can say now is "Thank You".  You have a wonderful product!!!  

    Daniel Bloem

  • It starts with my mentor Kevin Trudeau.  I would never have heard of this product if not for him ranting about it on his radio show.  I had been a follower of Kevin's work for years and when he told the story of testing his IGF1 levels before and after, I was fascinated.

    Shortly thereafter, I was at an event held by a private club of which Kevin and I are a part and I was speaking with some friends, a couple in their fifties.  I did not know they were in their fifties. They look fifteen years younger.  As I was marveling at their vibrant health she pulled out a bottle of Royal Velvet and told me that was their secret.  I said, "That's it, I'm ordering this stuff, period!"

    That was 15 months ago at age 38.  This year, I'll turn 40.  My transformation has been shocking.  My hair has thickened. Pattern balding was arrested and reversed.  I now have a healthy head of hair!  Graying has been reduced, not eliminated but reduced.  My skin is smoother, wrinkles have disappeared. I also have much better color.  I used to have a pasty, almost unhealthy look, now I'm a healthy pink.

    Here's where it starts to get a little crazy.  My body shape has changed.  My jaw is a little more square, my shoulders a little more broad, musculature more defined all around my body.  I never gain weight.  My friends and family tell me I look amazing and young. They can't believe it.

    I feel strong.  I sleep well.  I have energy.  Aches and pains are non-existent.  And here is the greatest benefit - increased virility. When a man gets into his thirties and forties, this starts to slip a little.  I have sexually stamina and desire like an 18 year old.  This alone is worth getting the Royal Velvet.

    I've attached two photos.  This is the best I could do, I'm not big on collecting photos of myself.  The before is my passport photo taken in 2004, pasty white, and gaunt.  The after was taken at a meeting in 2012.  A much younger guy.  Eight years later.

    Thank you for providing this miracle!  Gratefully,

    David Krueger

  • I need to inform you of how great I feel since I started taking Royal Velvet. I'm 53 and I feel like I'm 20 again, no joke! I retired from law enforcement. I started taking Royal Velvet about 2 1/2 weeks ago and after 2 or 3 days I couldn't believe the difference in all aspects of my life. My strength in the weight room is better all ready along with my workouts on the treadmill.

    I also play guitar and I can't believe the songs I can play now. Songs that in the past I would never have attempted. My hand and eye coordination vastly improved and it seems to be getting better every day like everything else in my life. My concentration is like its never been, my mind is sharp as I razor.  My general mood is, I cant even put in words. I feel just awesome! My libido has picked WAY up.  This is the way life is supposed to be. This is the quality of life at its best! I don't want to preach to people but this stuff is the real deal! I'm trying to get everyone in my life to try Royal Velvet PURE. Life Is Great! 

    Thank you so much, 

    Frank Rose

  • Hello, my name is Jose Saldana from Fountain Valley, California and this is my testimony regarding the Royal Velvet supplement.

    First of all I would like to say woW! . wOw!! WoW!!! WOW!!! . This product has changed my life in SOOO MANY wonderful ways. I LOVE this stuff!

    When I first got my package in the mail, I was 26 years old, and I quickly opened the box and found my 2 bottles of the so-called Fountain of Youth. But could it really be? Could such a thing really exist??  I was about to find out.

    Before taking the product, I looked at and QUICKLY skimmed through the material included with my order like a booklet and some papers.   After about 2 minutes of reading, I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to start my adventure. I was curious to taste what it tasted like. I opened my first bottle of Royal Velvet, sprayed 3 sprays under my tongue as instructed, and left it there for 30 seconds before swallowing. Not bad, not bad at all I thought.  Now I knew I wasn't going to feel the effects of the Royal Velvet right away, so I took an extra spray for a total of 4.

    All I can remember is, the next morning, when I woke up, I was in a different land! I felt like I went back in time like 13 years to when I was a kid, stress free!!  My self esteem had also boosted! Except all material things seem to remain the same, like the walls, my bed, my house…  I knew where I was, but my soul was not the same, I felt AMAZING!! . . I thought, this stuff has drug-like effects, but its legal - ha haa Haaa!  

    So, I continued to take Royal Velvet as recommended and things only got better and better with time.

    Soon, about 1 month with the product, people started telling me at work, "Hey!, you have lost some weight", and asking me what "diet I was on".   I told them none, just taking this supplement that supposedly melts unwanted body fat and leaves one with muscle.

    Days went by, weeks, months, and my body was taking a whole new shape of its own.

    Working as a security guard, and after 6 months on the Royal Velvet, I had to call my boss and let him know that I needed a new pair of shirts, and some new pants. I had to look good and the clothes I was wearing was starting to look baggy on me. He asked me the question, "What size are you?" I told him, with glee, I’m a 28.  He couldn’t believe me, it felt cool to say that . . .

    My face structure also changed and my head size shrunk, so it looked like I was younger, and my hair-line fit into place so I also looked to have a normal head of hair. (Not to brag but I also noticed I had no more double chin, working security = snack machines at arms reach = no bueno .  My jaw line, I could now see my jaw line and I could also see something I had no idea I had, inner cuffs in my cheeks!!! I was a whole new persona! 

    Friends I have not seen in months and years do not recognize me when they look at me. It’s freaking funny. Because I used to be a size 36 waist. They take one look at me, turn away, then quickly look back at me and as they recognize its me, and their JAWS DROP!!  And their eyes get HUGE LIKE SAUCERS! One of my friends was like  DAYYYYYYYYUMMMMM! as he approached me with his head leaning forward and his mouth wide open looking at me from head to toe, then from toe to head,  . "Whaaat diiid you doooo???  Where can I get some?”

    And besides the weight loss, I also walk different, I talk different, and MAGICAL  UNEXPLAINABLE things happen. Like I remember the first month I was on Royal Velvet, I had a bunch of people wondering about me, and asking questions about me. Like how old was I, and what is his name.

    I could go on and on about all the different things this spray has done to me, but that would take up too much of your time . 

    I just want to say thank you Blake.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I now believe this is the fountain of youth!

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    Love, Jose Saldana

  • The first difference I noticed from Royal Velvet was an increase in energy during the day and deeper, more restful sleep at night. I then became aware of better stamina during working out and playing sports and noticed a decrease in body fat and an increase in muscle mass. Those differences alone were worth their weight in gold.

    Vincent Spano's Homesite

  • My name is Yoshua Ortiz. I am 23 years old and live in a small town in Northern New Jersey. I recently began to work from home on the Internet, having previous experience in sales.

    That being said, I believe Royal Velvet to be the single most effective self-improvement tool. I hope my experience tells it all.

    My first experience with Royal Velvet was a few years ago. My finances at the time meant I couldn’t stay on it but the benefits that accrued stayed in my mind, and I got back on the Royal Road this December (2012) by taking advantage of the Holiday Special to buy myself a bunch of bottles.

    For the first six weeks or so, I was taking a high dose, anywhere from 8 – 15 times per day. I did this because I needed a jumpstart on the benefits. Thereafter I dropped to a more conservative dose of 4-6 per day. What I notice is that I very quickly dropped from weight. I don’t know how much exactly, but the most recent time I had weighed myself I was 174 pounds. And a month or so later, without exercising, I was 166 pounds… and then, with my new found inspiration (a psychological benefit I’m enjoying), I started lifting weights again – a long lost hobby.  And the progress I’m making (adding weight to the bar every single workout, without fail) is surely because of Royal Velvet. I experience no soreness, which anybody who starts a new program will attest is unusual, to say the least.

    Also, it seems I’ve started gaining muscle pretty quickly, and to be honest, I don’t really think it’s necessarily that I am weightlifting. I think Royal Velvet has like a “balancing” effect or something.

    I don’t live with my parents, and for a long time whenever I saw my dad, he commented that I was too thin. So he pushes me to eat, eat, eat. When I saw my dad the other day he commented that I must finally be taking his advice and be eating a lot more because I looked like I gained weight (actually I am eating less! – it’s my new muscle mass he is noticing).

    Royal velvet has made me younger. Just a few weeks after I started taking it again, a girl I hadn’t seen in 6 years said I looked younger than when I was 17. And well, that’s probably true. I’ll tell you this much, my hair, which for an entire lifetime has been dry and “kinky” is slowly becoming more… luxurious (no idea how else to describe it). Also, some of the white hairs that were on my head disappeared.

    Because of Royal Velvet, I sleep less (5 hours) and have more energy. Prior to taking it, I would need a lot of sleep just to function. But on top of that, I would need coffee so bad that I’d make a cup the night before, leave it on the night stand, and then chug it down first thing in the morning. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have the energy to get out of bed. And then, when I got out of bed, I’d have to drink several more cups throughout the morning. Now, I still drink coffee, but its because I want to, not because I am addicted.

    In a similar way, Royal Velvet kicked the cigarette habit for me. Over the past year, I picked up the habit and was sometimes smoking up to half a pack a day, so I was at the point that I was considering buying cartons instead of two or 3 packs at a time. Now, I am repulsed by cigarettes. Just the other night, an acquaintance I went out with bought me a pack as a gesture of friendship, and was shocked when I turned them down. “What a hypocrite!” she must’ve thought when, on top of that, I started preaching the negatives of smoking when she opened the pack and lit up for herself.

    I literally feel my relationship with the world around me changing day by day. Animals seem to behave different towards me. When I see my parents’ dog, or my friends’ dogs, they seem to have an unusual desire to be around me.  To say I’m more optimistic is an understatement. I see the best in people, and a result, they treat me better. I literally feel them looking at me differently. As strange as it sounds, I think Royal Velvet is a path to spiritual enlightenment.

    And, that being said, I think that Blake Sawyer and everybody at the Healthy Protocol is quite literally doing God’s work. And I’m not much of a religious person, but I can’t negate the fact that my experience is proving that, with the right tool, I can, piece by piece, create my Heaven on Earth.