• I am 46 years old. I stumbled onto a Blake Sawyer interview and heard he used Royal Velvet Deer Antler Spray.  I ordered it and was glad I did.  I ordered Royal Velvet from the Healthy Protocol website and it arrived in 2 days by Priority mail. Here are the changes I noticed so far while still on my first bottle of Royal Velvet.  When I was younger, I was a track and field athlete, soccer and cricket player. For the last 20 + year, I have suffered from stiffness in my knees, hips and lower back.  Within 48 hours of using Royal Velvet, the stiffness disappeared.  It is like having a lube job on my joints.  I have more flexibility and no stiffness when I run, bend etc.  I can now run and play with my 8 year old daughter.  It is the most obvious benefit so far of using Royal Velvet.  I am sold on Royal Velvet Deer Antler Spray.  I glad I gave it a chance.

    Hugh French

    Harris, MN

  • Let me begin with how skeptical I was when reading the testimonials in the literature I received with the shipment.

    After starting on Royal Velvet, I first noticed changes in my husband, James Grubb.  His face changed.  The lines and wrinkles became noticeably softer. His beard became darker, (he was totally gray.)  Now he is a distinguished salt and pepper.

    James received a bad cut on the top of his hand.  One that you would think needed stitches. Being a man and working in the oil field, to him it was just a scratch.  The “scratch” healed over and there is barely a scar.  I decided to give it a try, what did I have to lose.

    I am a basketball official and not as young as I used to be.  I turned my ankle in a game and was told it was a 3rd degree sprain.

    I went home and did the usual icing and keeping it elevated.  I had crutches at the house and fully expected that I would have to use them the next day.  Amazingly, when I woke up, the ankle was blue and bruised, but the swelling was greatly reduced and I was able to bear weight and not use the crutches.  I was back on the court going full speed in two weeks.  It didn’t dawn on me that Royal Velvet could have had a hand in my healing.

    The kicker for me was for the 2nd straight year when I went for the annual eye exam my eyes showed improvement of 1 step last year and 2 steps this year.  My distance vision is better and the bifocal was even reduced.  I work on a computer and read for about 14 hours a day or more.  My eyes wouldn’t focus with my glasses and I was getting headaches.  Expecting the doctor to tell me he was making my glasses stronger to correct, to my surprise he was reducing the strength in both distance and the bifocal.  “Your eyes are improving” he said, “whatever you are doing keep doing it.

    When I told my husband, he asked me if I thought if the spray had been repairing my eyes.  He stated that the same thing happened to him.  He doesn’t even wear his glasses at night.

    We are both in our 50s.  These are not exaggerations.

    Kathy S. Grubb

    Abilene, TX

  • I can't believe the effects of Royal Velvet! I pretty much just received your product and already I can feel its benefits. I was diagnosed with what was described to me as the beginnings of various types of arthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis) and as a male at the age of 26, it was somewhat disheartening. I thought that sort of thing was something you get as you grow older. But since taking Royal Velvet, and only the minimal dose, and I have only been taking it for 2 DAYS, the ache that's been in my right heel is gone! At some point of each day, I would feel it at least once, but not since starting Royal Velvet! You guys are awesome and I'm really grateful to have come across you!

    Thank you!

    Merle Symonds

  • The Royal Velvet is a great product. I have been taking it for a few years to re-hab a bad knee. More people need to know about it!


    Mr. Thadd Coates

  • My brother has been telling me about Royal Velvet for a year now. He gave me a bottle to try a few weeks ago. I had been in treatment for a rotator cuff tear and a torn ligament in my wrist. As a former firefighter and 'type A' person, I am no stranger to physical injuries.

    I am 62 years old and figured that my rehab from these injuries would be long and uncomfortable due to my age. My recovery from these injuries has been amazingly rapid. The only thing I have done different is using Royal Velvet for the past two weeks.

    I do feel much healthier overall, aches and pains are reduced, blood pressure is down, appetite is better, I'm not overeating and may be losing a few pounds as a bonus. The libido seems to have gotten a boost also.


    Phillip A Russo

    Cape Coral, Florida

  • Briefly, I messed up both knees doing weird leg exercises in the park late this past summer, and it was so bad after about 2 weeks, I had trouble walking up the stairs, and had to hold on to the railing to go down. Imagine “Walter Brennan” from the old movies. That was me. I happened to hear Kevin Trudeau on his radio show talking about Royal Velvet, and he was interviewing the company spokesperson. I ordered it. I used it the first day, and when I woke up, my knee was tight, but there was no pain. By the second day, I had no pain. I was not only surprised, but stunned. I am a hard sell on health products. I have used Royal Velvet ever since. A friend who had some knee pain also tried it when I told her about my experience. Again, she also had a skeptical view. Within 2 days her knee felt better. I am sure there are other benefits. I have a lot more energy, and I actually sleep better. With my sleep, I have had terrible sleeping problems ever since I can remember. NOTHING helped. The fact I can now sleep 4 hours without waking up out of a sound sleep, for no reason, is amazing. Royal Velvet is a superb supplement that I will take from now on. This skeptic recommends the product highly!