• I am 54 yrs. old and have been using Royal Velvet for about 2 years.  Who isn't looking for the fountain of youth…Right?   For me  the area of concern was my lack of energy,  undesirable weight gain, and being pre-menopausal.

    Almost immediately I noticed a wonderful improvement in my energy level. I am a chauffeur and staying awake was becoming a challenge. I was very excited and relieved that all it took to correct that issue was using Royal Velvet!!

    After about a year I was able to loose 18 lbs and I have kept it off.

    Of course the night sweats and hot flashes were beginning and I am determined to go thru this experience with no drugs!!!   So when these symptoms began I increased the amount of sprays to 5 times a day and I am pleased to announce that I no longer have night sweats or hot flashes!!!!

    Another thing I would like to add but unfortunately I don't have the pictures to prove it is that 2 years ago I went on a cruise and had the ship photographer take my picture.  The next day I went to look for them expecting to purchase them and was extremely disappointed with how they looked.  The lines and wrinkles around my eyes were so unattractive that for the first time I did not purchase pictures. In fact I was disgusted on how old I was looking.  Then about 2 months ago I went on another cruise and again had the ship photographer take my picture.   Apprehensively I searched for them remembering my experience 2 yrs. prior and found them.  I was pleasantly surprised on how lovely the pictures turned out that I purchased 4 prints.  My skin and the lines and wrinkles around my eyes were diminished!! 

    I am so grateful that Royal Velvet helped me to achieve these results in a safe and natural way without the use of drugs or surgery.   My autoship has been money worth spent!!!!!

    Thank-you very much!!!

    Annette Kazmerzak

    Denver, CO

  • I had gotten your product about two days ago, and I do like it a lot.  I've of course, noticed a dramatic difference in my energy levels and rest upon taking it. I have been a light sleeper lately, so this is a blessing..

    I have noticed a dramatic difference in that my stomach had gotten flatter--which is great! I never thought my stomach was much an area of concern, though I'm glad it got better.

    Ash Fish

  • I have been meaning to email you with another update. I've been doing pretty good. My energy and stamina are both up, my bladder control seems to be steadily getting better, and I've lost about forty pounds. My legs have gotten stronger. Overall I'm feeling pretty good and I think I'm definitely heading in the right direction. I will never be without Royal Velvet.

    Chad Hyde

  • Although I considered myself "healthy", at 62, I was feeling more than a little "out of whack". My liver was also probably a little overworked from too much Jack Daniels the preceding 7-8 years --  and my pancreas was most certainly stressed from a diet of too much starchy vegetables & sugary stuff..(breads, coke in the Jack, fries…)

    As a "road warrior" I was living a lot in hotels and subsisting on restaurant food. 

    And I had tried 2 competitors Deer Antler with no effect.

    When I first ordered Royal Velvet in June, I decided to take the amount you suggested. In two months I lost weight and felt somewhat better. It's now been 5 months on Royal Velvet.

    Upon returning home a few weeks ago people are remarking that I have really lost weight.  I have "energy" to spare for the first time in years! When I look in the mirror I see a younger person.

    After only 5 months on a minimum dose of Royal Velvet whatever I "had" is gone! I can feel it -- especially once I upped the dosage. Thankfully I got your printed newsletter while I still had 3 bottles left, because after I took your advice

    and upped the dose -- "magic" happened! (all in only a week!)

    Blake -- I probably was very sick before I started on Royal Velvet...probably so sick that a "doctor" would have labeled it and put me on drugs to "help" me..., which in MY opinion would have led to disastrous results.

    On top of all this I've now lost my appetite for booze.

    Thanks again!

    To your Health, Wealth & Longevity!

    Charles Johnston

  • I was introduced to Royal Velvet by a friend of mine.  I'm 46.  He thought that I would get lots of benefits out of it because of my age. He Was Right! 

    I lost 15 pounds of fat in 3 months, my muscle tone was back to what it was 10 years ago, I started sleeping better the first week, my dreams increased, I had more energy during the day, my mental clarity improved, my depression disappeared, the intimacy between my wife and I improved, even my eye sight improved!!!  Now I'm on the "auto ship" program, and couldn't be happier!  You have EXCELLENT Customer Service.    

    All I can say now is "Thank You".  You have a wonderful product!!!  

    Daniel Bloem

  • WOW….I am 62 and feeling and looking younger than I have in a very long time since taking Royal Velvet.  I went through menopause over 12 years ago and moved from wearing a size 6 to size 10/12.  No matter how much I would diet (or try some new way to lose weight), I would only lose a few pounds and then gain them back …or even gain a few extra pounds.    I was completely frustrated, felt old, tired and somewhat depressed by it all.

    Within a few months of taking Royal Velvet I begin to lose weight and more amazingly my body began to change its shape.  Every month my waist became smaller and I started to look and feel more like I did 20 years earlier (even better in some ways).  My clothes began to get baggy.  I decided I go shopping to see what size I actually was. To my amazement I ended up buying a size 4 jean.  I was thrilled.

    Now that I am feeling more energetic and positive I am even motivated to begin to exercise some.  I can only say that I feel like a “New” and improved woman excited to see how I will continue to improve all areas of my life.  Thank you Royal Velvet for changing my life.  No plastic surgery for me….Royal Velvet is a natural, cheaper, safer and healthier solution helping me in all areas of my body for total health!!!

    Danielle Marie

    Cary, NC

  • Just wanted to say this product is amazing. I'll cut right to the chase with all the benefits. If anyone has ever seen the movie "limitless" well I feel a little bit limitless on this stuff. First off I have always been pretty healthy, doing cleanses, taking whole food vitamins, etc. But the Royal Velvet just did the job. I lost 20 pounds in 1 & 1/2 months. I didn't even know I was 20 lbs. over weight, and I changed nothing because I was already working out a little and eating healthy. It's just the Royal Velvet brought my body to complete balance. MY LOVE HANDLES WENT AWAY, FINALLY. The energy is unbelievable. As for the mental health. I feel more confident than ever. I have a small business, right now in my business, I am in the field all day and in the office all night, my office work has literally been cut in half and the time it takes during the day to do the physical labor of the business has improved as well, due to the improved concentration and the energy. I would say I have an extra 1-2 hours a day to either build the business more or actually relax for once. Once again thank you for this product. Oh, the sleeping. Well, all I can say is if you want to sleep better than you ever had, you don't need a Tempur Pedic or Serta, just take this stuff. God Bless.

  • I am TRULY impressed!  You are the very first company I have dealt with that has responded to an e-mail in less than 24 hours. 

    The scale did go down a little bit this morning. So I am continuing to lose weight. I think you are definitely correct about the muscle strength and losing fat.  That is becoming more and more evident in my thigh and knee areas. I feel Royal Velvet helps my back and leg strength too.

    I have seen improvement in my skin.  The small lines in my face are starting to "plump" out and fill in.  My husband is losing the dark circles under his eyes and looks more "refreshed".

    I have been sleeping better, have more energy in the late afternoon and have been able to better focus on my projects.

    I believe you have a wonderful product and company and will continue to tell my friends and relatives about you.

    I have listened to your podcast with Kevin Trudeau (twice) and believe as Kevin says "this is the Fountain of Youth".


    Jeane Bovat

  • Hello, my name is Jose Saldana from Fountain Valley, California and this is my testimony regarding the Royal Velvet supplement.

    First of all I would like to say woW! . wOw!! WoW!!! WOW!!! . This product has changed my life in SOOO MANY wonderful ways. I LOVE this stuff!

    When I first got my package in the mail, I was 26 years old, and I quickly opened the box and found my 2 bottles of the so-called Fountain of Youth. But could it really be? Could such a thing really exist??  I was about to find out.

    Before taking the product, I looked at and QUICKLY skimmed through the material included with my order like a booklet and some papers.   After about 2 minutes of reading, I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to start my adventure. I was curious to taste what it tasted like. I opened my first bottle of Royal Velvet, sprayed 3 sprays under my tongue as instructed, and left it there for 30 seconds before swallowing. Not bad, not bad at all I thought.  Now I knew I wasn't going to feel the effects of the Royal Velvet right away, so I took an extra spray for a total of 4.

    All I can remember is, the next morning, when I woke up, I was in a different land! I felt like I went back in time like 13 years to when I was a kid, stress free!!  My self esteem had also boosted! Except all material things seem to remain the same, like the walls, my bed, my house…  I knew where I was, but my soul was not the same, I felt AMAZING!! . . I thought, this stuff has drug-like effects, but its legal - ha haa Haaa!  

    So, I continued to take Royal Velvet as recommended and things only got better and better with time.

    Soon, about 1 month with the product, people started telling me at work, "Hey!, you have lost some weight", and asking me what "diet I was on".   I told them none, just taking this supplement that supposedly melts unwanted body fat and leaves one with muscle.

    Days went by, weeks, months, and my body was taking a whole new shape of its own.

    Working as a security guard, and after 6 months on the Royal Velvet, I had to call my boss and let him know that I needed a new pair of shirts, and some new pants. I had to look good and the clothes I was wearing was starting to look baggy on me. He asked me the question, "What size are you?" I told him, with glee, I’m a 28.  He couldn’t believe me, it felt cool to say that . . .

    My face structure also changed and my head size shrunk, so it looked like I was younger, and my hair-line fit into place so I also looked to have a normal head of hair. (Not to brag but I also noticed I had no more double chin, working security = snack machines at arms reach = no bueno .  My jaw line, I could now see my jaw line and I could also see something I had no idea I had, inner cuffs in my cheeks!!! I was a whole new persona! 

    Friends I have not seen in months and years do not recognize me when they look at me. It’s freaking funny. Because I used to be a size 36 waist. They take one look at me, turn away, then quickly look back at me and as they recognize its me, and their JAWS DROP!!  And their eyes get HUGE LIKE SAUCERS! One of my friends was like  DAYYYYYYYYUMMMMM! as he approached me with his head leaning forward and his mouth wide open looking at me from head to toe, then from toe to head,  . "Whaaat diiid you doooo???  Where can I get some?”

    And besides the weight loss, I also walk different, I talk different, and MAGICAL  UNEXPLAINABLE things happen. Like I remember the first month I was on Royal Velvet, I had a bunch of people wondering about me, and asking questions about me. Like how old was I, and what is his name.

    I could go on and on about all the different things this spray has done to me, but that would take up too much of your time . 

    I just want to say thank you Blake.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful product. I now believe this is the fountain of youth!

    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

    Love, Jose Saldana

  • I have only been using Royal Velvet for a little over two months. I have to say, I personally feel quite well, have lost a lot of excess weight (between 25 and 30 pounds) that I was never able to lose before.  I also noticed that age spots and other funky freckles have been shrinking. Sometimes I feel like I'm reverse aging.

    Anyway, I'm totally sold on The Homeostasis Protocol and hope that I'll be able to continue purchasing your excellent products for years to come!!

    Lisa  Alexander, Watertown, MA

  • When I started taking Royal Velvet, within about 3 days I noticed my skin literally getting tighter, mainly around the trunk of my body. I can actually feel it tightening up! That's how I know it works!

    Peter Grimaldi, 48

    Glendale, CA

    Actor, avid hiker and skier.

  • My brother has been telling me about Royal Velvet for a year now. He gave me a bottle to try a few weeks ago. I had been in treatment for a rotator cuff tear and a torn ligament in my wrist. As a former firefighter and 'type A' person, I am no stranger to physical injuries.

    I am 62 years old and figured that my rehab from these injuries would be long and uncomfortable due to my age. My recovery from these injuries has been amazingly rapid. The only thing I have done different is using Royal Velvet for the past two weeks.

    I do feel much healthier overall, aches and pains are reduced, blood pressure is down, appetite is better, I'm not overeating and may be losing a few pounds as a bonus. The libido seems to have gotten a boost also.


    Phillip A Russo

    Cape Coral, Florida

  • From the very first day that I sprayed Royal Velvet it has been perfect!! I have eliminated all my vitamin supplements and bio-identical hormones - it has simplified my health maintenance immensely!! Since I have only been on the product about two and a half weeks it's amazing to me that my food cravings have been eliminated and I have dropped a full dress size!!! I just ordered an extra two bottles just in case I run out!!! THANK YOU!!!



  • I feel great, have lost 22 pounds and am in better physical condition than in the last 30 years.  Thank you for helping me in this journey! I love Royal Velvet!


  • Hey I love Royal Velvet, it helps me with weight loss, energy, fat burner… it just too hard to explain all that it has done for me.

    Troy Lopaka Abraham