Our goal and purpose in life is to help you and others live the highest quality life possible.

We have strived to be the best at fulfilling this purpose. After 4 decades of teaching all those who have “ears to hear” the truths about how the human body functions, what IS disease, what IS health (and how to obtain OPTIMAL health your entire life), we are now coming into the APEX of what God put us on earth to do.

Our Rewards Program is based upon one premise: We believe in performance based “compensation”. In essence, we are willing to “reward” those who do more than just purchase our products. Those that understand what life is all about (helping others) are the people we want to “partner” with.

There are two sides to this “coin”. What you can do to earn rewards, and what are those rewards.

These “actions” of partnering with us, are basically listed in order of importance or weight. Though any and all of them are beneficial to us, as well as to you, in varying degrees.

  1. Order Royal Velvet or Royal Velvet PURE consistently. Meaning 2 bottles per person per month. Why? This show us that you are serious about your health and you know how important Royal Velvet is to your life and longevity.
  2. Periodically let us know what improvements and changes Royal Velvet has made in your life. Commonly called a testimony or feedback. Why? First, we are interested in you as a person. Really. Sharing your testimony may have a profound effect on the life of someone suffering or going through the same health issues you were having, or looking for the same benefits. Isn’t that the ultimate act of helping someone? So, you never know when sharing your transformation might profoundly affect the life of another.
  3. Refer us to your friends, family, fellow co-workers and followers on your social media. WHY? Referring people means that you believe in our products, and that you are willing to periodically take a few minutes out of the 1,440 minutes in your day to share with someone you care about the benefits they can receive by taking Royal Velvet/PURE.
  4. Make a short video of your testimony and send it to us. Why? Just like #2, sharing the life-changing benefits you have received will most likely influence someone else. There is practically no better way to get good karma than to help others.
  5. Purchase Royal Chlorella, Royal Sleep consistently; or a water ionizer from us. Why? It simply means that you are serious about your health. And even though Royal Velvet/PURE IS the most life-changing natural super food in the world, you are showing through your actions that you want to fine-tune your health to its highest degree possible by purchasing our other life-changing products.
  6. Like us, follow us, and positively comment on our Facebook, Instagram, and You Tube accounts. Why? Why not? It’s the Golden Rule.
  7. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter. This will keep you up-to-date on all the things going on within our company. Why? It makes you a part of our family. Get your family and friends to subscribe to our newsletter too!

NOTE: All these actions are only as beneficial to us as you make them beneficial. Obviously, the more you do, the more often you do them, the greater “The Rewards” we are more likely to bestow upon you.


The Rewards


First, we want to make it perfectly clear, that we choose the reward(s), as well as when and how we give them, solely upon the basis of what we determine is the appropriate “compensation”. PLEASE do NOT expect anything in particular. Please do not ask for any rewards, or contact us asking, “Where are my rewards?” It will be obvious that you did not read or pay attention to these details. We believe that the beneficial things you do to partner with us should come from your “heart”, not out of a motivation solely based upon rewards. We, like-wise, want to freely give you rewards based upon our desire to be a blessing in your life as well.

Hopefully, you will be pleasantly surprised in how generous we are.

  1. Discounted price. This “reward” can be given and taken away. Our published price on all our products is a FAIR price for what you are paying for. However, we understand that MOST people would like a lower price for our products over any other reward. We know you do NOT want a t-shirt with our logo, or a free pen, or refrigerator magnet. Therefore, we do not spend money on gimmicks or trinkets as our giveaways.
  2. Free product. Realistically, we would LOVE to do this more than anything else. So those that go “all in” with partnering with us, this may be your reward.
  3. Priority shipping. Meaning placing your order ahead of everyone else’s, to make sure it goes out that day.
  4. Yes, we plan on offering an AUTOSHIP service to those who have consistently purchased one of our products, for an automatic monthly shipment, with free shipping and handling at a discounted price. This will be rare, only for our ‘best’ clients (those partnering with us).
  5. Opportunity to be a Royal Affiliate. Our new affiliate program is the best affiliate program in the world. Bar none. Our goal is that every affiliate in the program will be making over $100,000 in commissions within the first year they join. We do have minimums in order to be in the program, in order to keep a high standard of qualified affiliates. We will waver the minimums for a select few THP clients that want to make money promoting Royal Velvet/PURE on their social media platforms, friends, family, followers, and fellow co-workers. This is the ONE “reward” that you CAN contact us and ask us about. If we give you permission to join, you will be informed the “rules” at the time, so there are no misunderstandings.
  6. APEX protection. Once we reach APEX (when all the Royal Velvet we can manufacture is sold monthly), we will begin to place people on a waiting list, and potentially increase the price. We will also begin to be stricter about eliminating customers who are violating any of our policies. Those who are in good standing and have been given the most Rewards for “partnering with us”, will be “grandfathered in” and protected from price increases and being back ordered on product.
  7. Surprises. Who doesn’t love surprises? Especially when they are GOOD surprises. Who knows what we might think of to do for you, as you partner with us to elevate the lives and health of your loved ones, one person at a time.

Finally, we want to reiterate that what we sell our products for is a fair price, and a great value. REWARDS are for those who go above and beyond simply purchasing our products. Sharing, helping others, and being pro-active is the mindset of the person we want to partner with.