Within a few moments, you will discover one of the most revelatory truths about your brain, health, and life itself. It will dramatically change your life forever.

There is one and only one purpose for sleep.

To replenish the neurotransmitters that you used up throughout the course of the day.

What are neurotransmitters? Neurotransmitters are liquid chemicals that allow electrical impulses to move across one brain cell to another brain cell. Your brain has 100 billion brain cells, called neurons.

Amazingly, none of them are connected to each other. There are huge spaces, called synapses, between all your neurons. Your brain functions through electricity flowing across your brains cells. Tens of millions of brains cells are involved in nearly every electrical impulse, happening every second at lightening speed. So how does an electrical impulse “hop” from one brain cell to another? Actually, it cannot “hop”. It uses neurotransmitters as a conduit for the electrical impulse. When an electrical impulse comes to a brain cell that has no neurotransmitters connecting it and another brain cell, the electrical impulse stops.

The more neurotransmitters, the more brain function. The less neurotransmitters, the less brain function. If your brain had no neurotransmitters, you would be dead.

Without neurotransmitters you have no brain function. Believe it or not, your brain controls everything that goes on in your body. The 75 trillions cells that make up your physical body are constantly signaling your brain. And your brain is constantly signaling them.

So what does sleep have to do with this?

You have four dimensions of sleep. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta sleep. During the deep dimensions of sleep, your brain goes into a “replenish mode”. Your brain utilizes amino acids and a plethora of other substances to make neurotransmitters. This is when the various neurotransmitters are manufactured and replenished in your brain.

You spend on average around two hours every night in each dimension of sleep. In the first two dimensions of sleep, no neurotransmitters are replenished. This is your brain basically going from consciousness to unconsciousness, getting your brain ready to go into deep sleep and the replenish state.

It is in the two deep dimensions of sleep in which neurotransmitters are made and replenished in the brain. A couple hours each in Gamma and Delta sleep are when your neurotransmitters are manufactured in your brain. This replaces those that have been used up the previous day.

Have you ever had “one of those nights”? The dogs are barking, the sirens wail, you are too hot or too cold, your spouse is snoring or pulling on the sheets, the baby is crying, there’s a cat fight in the backyard, you are worried about something, have something important you can’t stop thinking about, or any number of sleep disturbing things that can happen.

What happens on a night like that is you were in and out of Alpha and Beta sleep all night (moving from consciousness to shallow sleep). You never spent much time in the deep dimensions of sleep and therefore did not replenish any (or very few) neurotransmitters. So you get up in the morning and feel worse than when you went to bed at night. You “drag your wagon” all day.

Here is one of the most important facts that you need to know, so pay careful attention to the following information. I call this “The Holy Grail of Sleep Information”.

Even if you got a “perfect” eight hours of sleep, it does NOT mean that you are going to be able to replenish all the neurotransmitters that you used up throughout the course of your day. You need BUILDING materials to replenish the neurotransmitters!

Neurotransmitters do not come from thin air. They are manufactured from nutrients. Therefore, if your brain does not have the PROPER KINDS of NUTRIENTS and the PROPER AMOUNTS of those NUTRIENTS, you will not be able to make enough neurotransmitters to replenish what you used up that day.

And what does it mean when this happens?

  1. You are tired.
  2. You are grumpy or depressed or angry or moody or mentally not all there.
  3. You do not think clearly.
  4. You make mistakes.
  5. You forget things easily.
  6. You are not productive.
  7. And those are just the things that go wrong mentally.

Physically you are more prone to manifest illness. After all, when your lungs and liver and left toe signal your brain, it simply can NOT analyze the information as well. (Ever use a REAL SLOW computer? One that drives you crazy? OK, that is what the rest of your body is thinking about your brain when you are lacking in neurotransmitters!)

So every system in your body, every organ, EVERY CELL suffers!

What about the exact opposite?

What if you are able to not only replenish the neurotransmitters that you use up every day, but are able to add copious amounts of neurotransmitters to your brain?

Aha! Are you ready for the answer?

You would increase your intelligence, be happier, have more mental energy, be able to multi-task, handle stress better, and improve your overall health DRAMATICALLY in addition to a plethora of other mind-boggling benefits!

The PURPOSE of sleep is to replenish neurotransmitters!

The PRODUCTION of neurotransmitters is TWO-FOLD: Getting deep dimension sleep and having the building materials (nutrients) available to make the neurotransmitters.

This needs to repeated again!

The PRODUCTION of neurotransmitters involves Two Important factors: Getting enough deep dimension sleep AND supplying the building materials (nutrients) your brain needs.

Royal Velvet/PURE supplies your brain with ALL the building materials needed to replenish the nearly two dozen different neurotransmitters.

Royal Sleep allows you get the deep replenishing sleep you need, as well as by-passing some (or all) of the non-productive sleep.

Using Royal Velvet/PURE and Royal Sleep properly (minimum dosage and consistently) will noticeably, and most likely dramatically, improve your life – via promoting proper and enhanced brain function, correcting bodily functions that are out of balance, repair damaged organs, restore weakened systems and overall elevate your health.

You have a choice, for now anyway (until all the product we can manufacture is ‘spoken for’ and there is nothing more to sell to anyone else). You can choose to apply these truths and live a high quality of life, higher and better than you thought possible. Or you can continue on the road you are on now, ending up suffering in various ways like most people, throughout your life, that will most likely end 30 to 40 years prematurely.

Royal Velvet/PURE and Royal Sleep. Together. Tremendously cost effective. Very easy to use. Takes less than 5 minutes per day. Producing phenomenal life-changing results.


Most people using Royal Velvet/PURE and Royal Sleep will sleep between one and two hours less per night, yet feel as though they have slept for days, feeling bright-eyed and vitalized upon awakening.

Imagine having two hours more every day to do the things you never have time to do. This would be like giving you an extra month and a half every year. While the rest of the world is trying to get everything done in 365 days, you would have well over 400 days! And on top of that, your mind would be clearer, functioning optimally. You would be very productive, accomplishing tasks in much less time than it would normally take you.

To receive the best results from Royal Sleep:

  1. Shake the bottle VIGOROUSLY.
  2. Suck the saliva in your mouth and swallow a couple of times.
  3. Place 3 to 6 sprays under your tongue, close your mouth, and hold it for 35 seconds.
  4. Then you can swallow again.

You can take Royal Sleep between one or two hours BEFORE bedtime to calm you down, get your brain to relax, and unwind or de-stress. If you do not need it for those reasons, then you can take the dosage right before bedtime.

Best taken before bedtime along with Royal Velvet or Royal Velvet PURE to properly replenish neurotransmitters.

Ideal sleep. It is one of the incredible benefits you receive when taking Royal Velvet/PURE and Royal Sleep.