• I have a thirteen year old with ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder). I didn’t want him to be put on drugs because I heard about the horrible side effects. Ever since he has been taking the Royal Velvet he has had no problems. His grades have improved and so has his overall attitude.

  • I have been using Royal Velvet several months and do notice are markable difference in my physiology. I am a professional bodyworker/ massage therapist for 17 years. At the age 58 1/2 I was declining and Royal Velvet has been very instrumental in my becoming healthier after mid-life changes like hormones and sarcopenia (age-related loss of muscle, strength, and function). I am grateful to get this product and glad for the work you are doing.

  • From the very first day that I sprayed Royal Velvet it has been perfect!! I have eliminated all my vitamin supplements and bio-identical hormones - it has simplified my health maintenance immensely!! Since I have only been on the product about two and a half weeks it's amazing to me that my food cravings have been eliminated and I have dropped a full dress size!!! I just ordered an extra two bottles just in case I run out!!! THANK YOU!!!



  • Thank you so much. I am a professional firefighter. I unfortunately got hurt while working. I tore my rotator cuff. I had to have surgery so I could use my arm again. Surgery was a success. My shoulder was repaired. I did not take any of their medication they gave me. I took my Royal Velvet 10x per day- 3 sprays under my tongue. I had to start physical therapy. My therapist after the first week told me he has never seen such healing. He said I was well above the curve in terms of healing, strength and flexibility. I flew through physical therapy and moved right to strength therapy. I again flew threw strength therapy. The only thing that held me back was the orders form the surgeon. The physical therapy people would not go beyond that. I did my own physical therapy at home while continuing your Royal Velvet. I am back at work now much faster than my surgeon, doctor and physical therapist ever thought was possible. I believe Royal Velvet sped up my recovery and brought my physical strength and stamina to what it was when I was in my 20's. Thanks again for this product. I am a true believer.

  • I remember when I was 28 years old. I started to workout after a long break. I had a workout partner at the time that was 21 years old. I hate to say it, but I'm not the same man I was 7 years ago. So I began to workout again. Wow, my old shoulder injury hurt. My back hurt, and my knees were killing me. (I am an ex-wrestler.) So I upped my dosage of Royal Velvet from 2 servings of 3 sprays to 3 sprays 8 times per day. After 2 weeks I was almost as strong as him. My dumbbell bench press went from 30 to 45 lbs in two weeks. I also remember doing sprint intervals on the treadmill. I got exhausted. But after very short breaks between them it seemed I recovered real fast to do more. I took pills and potions in the past. I stopped taking everything and am going to focus only on Royal Velvet.

  • Hi my name is Tek and I am survivor of Bacterial Meningitis, infection of the brain. This disease changed my life. I lost my hearing in one ear and affected my balance. I had constant dizziness, difficulty concentrating and focusing. I had difficulty functioning daily and I'm only 42, but felt like I was 70 at times. It seems to be getting worse. I heard about Royal Velvet from Kevin Trudeau and this miracle product changed my life. After using Royal Velvet for the first week, I already felt like a normal functioning person. I don't get pressure in my head or dizziness like before and I can perform basic functions. I can focus and concentrate better now. I'm happier because I feel alive and normal. There are many other benefits I experienced too. Before Royal Velvet, I thought I was on my last days because I just didn't know what else I could do or take. Now thanks to Royal Velvet, I'm able to live a more normal, happier life while taking care of my 8 month and 4 year old daughters. Thanks so much!

  • There are so many wonderful things I can say about Royal Velvet that I almost don't know where to begin. I have been taking it for 13 years. It has helped me with my weight, keeping my skin from aging, and made a huge difference when I went through menopause. Anytime I forgot to take it the hot flashes would come back with a vengeance. Which reminds me that anytime I forgot to take it, my trigger finger would hurt and stiffen up, until I started taking the normal 3 sprays 4 times a day again, then the pain and stiffness would go away. Also, I really do think it has helped my memory and mood over these years. My husband thinks so anyway! Our most beloved Annie (our Golden Retriever) lived a very long life and without any problems or illnesses, even though the breeder told us when she was a puppy that she would most likely get hip dysplasia. I can't thank you enough for making this wonderful product! Oh, I can't forget to tell you about my mother. She was rapidly aging and having all sorts of problems, even lost her eyesight. I was scared I was going to lose her. It took me awhile to convince her to take Royal Velvet, but when she did, she saw incredible results! She is now 91 years old, living on her own, and doing very well. Thank you again!

  • When I first started taking Royal Velvet I noticed that I was a lot more focused at work and during my general activities and was less easily distracted or irritated. I also felt more grounded and calm, and now had the ability to see the whole picture and not be side tracked by minor hick ups. I also had a lot more stamina during my sporting activities and at the end of the day felt less tired, while others were exhausted. Friends and colleagues mentioned that I looked “different”. I absolutely love the product as it has most certainly had a positive impact on my life. Thank you for this wonderful product.


  • I had been using Royal Velvet for my dog’s chronically infected ears. For his entire life he has been fighting yeast and bacteria infections due to the hairy nature of his ears. I can’t begin to tell you what a difference it has made. Thank you so much.

  • I just wanted to say that I love your product and when I started using Royal Velvet Spray within about 5-7 days I noticed significant gains in cardiovascular endurance and over all physical recovery after long, grueling, functional strength training workouts.  So thank you for putting out a great, healthy, safe product that improves my performance in and out of the gym.  I am working on spreading the word with the Team Royal Velvet Facebook page.



    Mike Mancina

    Chemist II, C.M.F.S.

  • I am very thankful for being lead to Royal Velvet due to the benefits I have received from its use. My brain is now functioning at an incredible level. I understand things about my body and life i was previously unaware of including my attitude and outlook. I wake up with good vibrations and this continues throughout my day. It is simple biology that if you give your body what it requires nutritionally, it will respond the way nature intended to it do so, which is optimal health and happiness. Because Royal Velvet has the full spectrum of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and many growth factors, I view this as the "Holy Grail" of nutritional supplements. I also appreciate that the animals are treated with respect and am thankful for their gift. I workout as well and this helps to give me incredible stamina in the gym and the best recovery nutrition available. Thank you!!

  • I wanted to let you know how much I love your product Royal Velvet. It is balancing my hormones and has greatly reduced the annoying hot flashes, how wonderful! I also give it to my 15 year old dog, as soon as he hears me squirting mine he comes and sits to wait for his shot - he has been taking it for over 6 months now and seems to be growing younger by the month.

  • Briefly, I messed up both knees doing weird leg exercises in the park late this past summer, and it was so bad after about 2 weeks, I had trouble walking up the stairs, and had to hold on to the railing to go down. Imagine “Walter Brennan” from the old movies. That was me. I happened to hear Kevin Trudeau on his radio show talking about Royal Velvet, and he was interviewing the company spokesperson. I ordered it. I used it the first day, and when I woke up, my knee was tight, but there was no pain. By the second day, I had no pain. I was not only surprised, but stunned. I am a hard sell on health products. I have used Royal Velvet ever since. A friend who had some knee pain also tried it when I told her about my experience. Again, she also had a skeptical view. Within 2 days her knee felt better. I am sure there are other benefits. I have a lot more energy, and I actually sleep better. With my sleep, I have had terrible sleeping problems ever since I can remember. NOTHING helped. The fact I can now sleep 4 hours without waking up out of a sound sleep, for no reason, is amazing. Royal Velvet is a superb supplement that I will take from now on. This skeptic recommends the product highly!


  • Before taking Royal Velvet I was a slug, it was so hard tomove all the time I was so tired and weak. All of my endocrine system tested out of balance. Now I wake up in a timely manner and feel a burst of joy through out the day. I go for a short run every day and have 3 little kids that I get to keep up with. It's such a blessing to be the mom I always wanted to be by having enough energy for them. When we go to the park, I never sit down anymore.  I play and help them get on monkey bars or swings or chase them etc. I love it so much we call it our magic juice.

  • Hello!! My name is Anna Symons from Calgary, Canada. I am 84 years young!!!

    I live alone and sometimes doing household chores is very tiring for me.... I have trouble staying asleep as well – so I have used sleeping pills regularly to get the rest I need.

    Since using your Royal Velvet my energy is significantly higher. I no longer feel run down in the afternoons and am able to do all the chores I need to in the day. I have also decreased my use of sleeping pills, as I am able to sleep well through the night most nights. I have clear thinking and I feel much stronger and more energetic.

    Thank you for your wonderful product.....I will never be without it!