We at The Healthy Protocol, LLC have a passion to help those who are suffering needlessly with various illnesses, pain, injuries, and health and mental problems. Our product, Royal Velvet, has been proven, over 20+ years, of dramatically helping people with all forms of injuries and health problems. It is, honestly, the most life-changing, nutrient-dense, age-reversing, tissue/organ/system repairing natural food supplement in the world. The evidence proves it.

We are now allowing our product, Royal Velvet, to be promoted by those in the health and healing arts, whose passion is to provide their clients with the most effective natural treatments for their ailments.

There are two ways you can make Royal Velvet available to your clients, patients, and friends.

    • 1. As a Royal Affiliate in our newly formed affiliate program. As you can see from the Royal Affiliate home page, we DO have the best affiliate program in the world. Not only best in financial benefits, but also the best in many, many ways. You can discover that by going to the Royal Affiliate Home Page, click here.

Essentially, you will have you very own Royal Affiliate Home Page, and you simply send your clients to it (your private URL.) You receive a $10 commission for EVERY bottle that is purchased through your home page. No limits. In perpetuity as long as you meet certain minimums. And the price your clients/patients pay is considerably less than if they purchased Royal Velvet from our website. We protect our affiliates, and make NO (zero, nada, zilch) attempts to market to them or try to steal them away from you as so many affiliate companies do through various tricks, scams, and gimmicks.

    • 2. As long as you are a business, that qualifies for our wholesale program (see list below), you may also choose to purchase Royal Velvet (or Royal Velvet PURE) wholesale. We sell by the case, which is 25 bottles. You pay $40 per bottle (for one case), which is $1,000 for the case of 25 bottles. This is a full ‘keystone’ profit margin with a 100% markup (if you sell it for MSRP.) We offer quantity discounts for 4 cases (100 bottles) or more. Please contact us (1-512-263-2420) to set up a wholesale account.

NOTE: You are allowed to sell a bottle of Royal Velvet/PURE between $63 (minimum)  and $80 (maximum). Note: The MSRP has been $79.95 for all 20+ years we have manufactured it.

Here is a basic list of all the “businesses” that qualify for wholesale.

Massage Therapists
Physical Therapists
Sports Therapists
TCM doctors
Holistic doctors
Ayruvedic doctors
Preventive Medicine

Athletic Trainers
Personal Trainers
Physical Trainers
Bodybuilding Trainers
Fitness Instructor
Golf Instructors
Tennis Instructors

MMA trainers
Boxing Gyms
Health Clubs

Royal Velvet PURE is the most life-changing natural health product on the market, which also makes it the #1 RETENTION product. People see such dramatic results that most say they’ll never stop taking Royal Velvet. This equates to very satisfied customers, continual repeat business, referrals, more prestige for your business, a reputation for providing your clients with results, and increased income.