Your time is valuable, so we are not going to get into great details and scientific explanations about all the aspects of weight loss and why this or that does not work or is harmful.  

However, we want to give you one truth in some detail, (that nearly everyone tells us they did not know about), so you can better understand that you have landed on a website that knows and teaches the TRUTH and FACTS about obtaining healthy weight.  

The top “weight loss” drugs, supplements, and products are appetite suppressants. At first glance, curbing your appetite sounds like a good idea in the battle with excess weight. Until you discover the TRUTH.  

  • Your body is made up of approximately 75 trillion cells (Trillion with a “t”).    
  • Your body MAKES approximately 150 billion NEW cells EVERY day. (NOTE: You also lose 100-200 billion cells daily.)   
  • Your 75 trillion cells NEED nutrients 24/7 for three things: 1) To live. 2) To function (every cell has a function). 3) To replicate new replacement cells. (Cells don’t come from “thin air”.)   
  • Your cells signal your brain that they need more nutrients when your body is lacking them. Your brain then signals hunger pains (through the release of ghrelin and leptin) so you will eat.  Supplying nutrients to your body (cells) is the main reason WHY you eat.   
  • Appetite suppressants will CAUSE malnutrition, disease, weakness, and even your premature death. They block the natural function of your body. They also cause you to be in the “rock and a hard place” of the vicious cycle of weight loss and weight gain.  

Do you understand now why appetite suppressants are bad?  

A healthy appetite is a GOOD thing. It is how God designed the body to function properly

Appetite suppressants do not address the PROBLEM of weight gain, they MASK the symptoms.  

You CANNOT live without the proper amount and different kinds of nutrients. Not supplying your body with what it needs only causes major problems, including disease and premature death.

But you may ask, “HOW do I not overeat?”

Good question. 

Taking Royal Velvet and Royal Velvet Pure will cause a NATURAL and HEALTHY appetite response. Since Royal Velvet contains thousands of nutrients, including the essentials and the most important nutrients, AND you absorb 97% of them into your blood stream in less than one minute, you PROPERLY nutrify your body’s cells.

Therefore, with Royal Velvet, your cells are happy, functioning, replicating, and live three to four times longer than other people’s cells – causing you to be healthy and live longer (with a high quality of life.) This allows you to not “hunger” through the NATURAL process of nutrifying your body PROPERLY, instead of suppressing your appetite with drugs or chemicals.

Trying to nutrify your body with supplements will nearly always fail. Why?  

1) 96% of all supplements sold are synthetic (man-made chemicals) that your body KNOWS are plastic, unusable-fake nutrients.  

2) Synthetic supplements have the OPPOSITE polarity (positive versus negative) and the OPPOSITE orbital spins (right spin versus left spin) from nutrients found in food, and therefore CANNOT be used by your cells like food-source nutrients. 

3) Even if you take any of the few food source multi-vitamins available today, the MAXIMUM absorption you can get is 10%. Take 100 mgs of natural food-source vitamin C and the most that can enter your body is 10 mgs. HOWEVER, it is a known FACT that the average American has a toxic and non-functioning GI tract that lowers that maximum 10% to an average of 0% to 3% absorption!  

Even if you consumed bottles and bottles of dozens of different kinds of supplements every month (thousands of pills and tablets), that would not even be a drop in the bucket compared to how a one month’s supply of Royal Velvet will nutrify your entire body. 

What about nutrifying your body with eating, even with “healthy” foods?   

Even though that is the way you are supposed to properly nutrify your body, that too fails for most people. Why?  

Nearly all food today contains fewer nutrients than it did 20 years ago, let alone 100 years ago. Most people think that eating healthy means eating less junk food. Nothing could be further from the truth.   

Even if you ate organic, non-genetically modified food, you would most likely still be lacking in vital nutrients. Why?  

1) Organic simply means that the food being grown does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. It does NOT mean that the soil has been re-mineralized, allowed to sit virgin (unplanted) for years, with organic composts tilled into the soil. Even most organic food today contains fewer nutrients than what non-organic food contained 100 years ago.   

2) As stated above, your gastrointestinal tract is so toxic and so messed up that it does not properly absorb nutrients from the food you eat. Even if that food is “healthy” or “organic”.   

3) Cooking food (even organic food) destroys 100% of the enzymes found in the food. The enzymes are what allow the nutrients to deliver its payload of life-enhancing nutrition into your cells. Without the enzymes, you have less than ideal nutrient delivery.   

Are you learning some things? Is this helping make clear one of the reasons why you have struggled with weight gain, ill health, fatigue, and other problems?   

Scientists are presenting their findings about many of the facets of weight gain, obesity, and the reasons why this is an epidemic in the United States.

What we know now is there are approximately 10 MAJOR reasons why people are obese or overweight.   

Amazingly, using Royal Velvet alone corrects these 10 biggest issues (read: problems) that are causing/adding to your excess weight.  

They are presented here:   

Reasons 1-3 addresses WHY you overeat.

Reasons 4-7 addresses your metabolism.

Reasons 8-10 addresses burning calories through movement

We have included two bonus reasons why people find it difficult to lose weight. Excitedly, both are also corrected through taking Royal Velvet as well.    

1) Overeating due to hunger. 

The most obvious reason for obesity and having excess fat is eating more calories than you use per day. It is simple arithmetic, 2 + 2 = 4. Consume more calories than you burn every day, you will add fat every day. Period.   

As we have already mentioned, hunger pains are the way your body responds to its need for nutrients for cellular life, cellular function, and cellular replication. Taking the appropriate amounts of Royal Velvet and Pure supplies your cells with the nutrients they need to function optimally. This eliminates most hunger. When you are not hungry, you do NOT need to eat. When you feel satiated, you do NOT want to over eat.  Again, it is relatively simple: Hungry people eat more than non-hungry people. This dramatically cuts down on calorie consumption, aiding in your fat loss.   

2) Overeating due to addictions and cravings. 

Drugs (prescriptions, OTCs, and illegal), alcohol, nicotine, junk food, sugar, chocolate, carbs, salty foods, fats, sweets, and other addictions and cravings can cause weight gain and obesity. Through properly balancing your brain chemistry, Royal Velvet and Pure has been shown to help people rid themselves of their addictions. If this is one of your problems, you desperately need to take Royal Velvet.  

3) Improper sleep. 

Relatively recent research has shown that people who do not get deep restful sleep have more problems with excess weight than those who do get deep sleep. Science has revealed that this is due to the imbalance of leptin and ghrelin in people who do not get deep sleep. These two substances, in proper balance, cause you to not overeat.   

Royal Velvet and Royal Velvet Pure noticeably improves deep replenishing sleep. (It is one of the prominent things people report to us after starting on Royal Velvet.) In fact, there is only ONE purpose for sleep, and that is to replenish the neurotransmitters that have been used up throughout the course of your day. Royal Velvet supplies your brain with EVERY nutrient needed for the brain to replenish EVERY kind of neurotransmitter. A vast majority of our customers report deeper sleep, feeling revitalized upon awakening, not getting tired throughout the day, and improved alertness, intelligence, mood, and mental clarity.    

4) An underactive thyroid. 

Like most things discussed here, we could write a book on this subject. Briefly however, due to diet (mostly soy) and drugs (prescriptions) as well as a few other causes, tens of millions of people suffer from low thyroid or an underactive thyroid. This is one of the many causes of weight gain.   

The thyroid is the “steering wheel” for most of your endocrine system, hormone production and balance, and metabolism.   

Royal Velvet repairs the thyroid, creating new functioning thyroid cells, aiding to slough off tired, non-functioning, dying thyroid cells.   

With a proper functioning thyroid, many people (especially women) report dramatic weight loss, with several added benefits.      

5) Improper blood sugar levels. 

Most people have heard about the insulin resistant issues of weight gain and metabolic syndrome. Using Royal Velvet properly balances blood sugar levels, insulin, and repairs the insulin receptor sites throughout your body AND creates healthy functioning pancreatic cells, sloughing off the non-functioning and dying pancreatic cells.   

There is nothing more powerful at repairing and correcting blood sugar levels than taking Royal Velvet.  

6) Hormonal imbalances. 

Both male and female excess weight gain can sometimes be attributed to hormonal imbalances, especially in those over 35 years old. Postmenopausal women know this. Royal Velvet balances hormone levels in both men and women. There are dozens of hormones involved in weight gain and weight loss. However, the fact that Royal Velvet increases testosterone levels in men aids in belly fat loss, and balanced estrogen and progesterone levels in women do the same. There is no single product in the world that can balance your hormone levels better than Royal Velvet. Some of the most famous men and women in Hollywood use Royal Velvet, reporting back to us that tests prove their hormone levels are that of a 25 year old person!    

7) Lacking youthful levels of growth factors, including IGF-1. 

Books have been written on this subject. Briefly, and factually, there is nothing in the world that can effectively reverse the aging process better than Royal Velvet. One of the dozens of growth factors in Royal Velvet is IGF-1, which has been proven to remove excess cellulite, improve metabolism, and aid in overall fat burning.   

The book “Anti-Aging Cures – Life Changing Secrets To Reverse The Effects of Aging – Your Key to the Real Fountain of Youth” by one of the leading doctors in the world, Dr. James Forsythe, describes the few ways that you can actually reverse the effects of aging. The book proclaims Royal Velvet as one of those very few ways to turn back the clock on aging. FYI: New York Times bestselling author and THE face of perpetual youth, Suzanne Somers, wrote the foreword to the book!   

The simplest, most cost effective way to a youthful figure is to take Royal Velvet. Nothing else comes close.      

8) Fatigue, lethargy, stress, depression, mood, and weakness. 

A sedentary lifestyle is a major cause of obesity. People who are depressed, moody, and emotionally drained due to stress and other causes are much more likely to be overweight as well. Everyone knows that burning calories will cause weight loss. However, though many people want to exercise, ride a bike, or take a walk, they simply do not have the energy or mental motivation to do so.   

Royal Velvet changes that in dramatic fashion. Through various mechanisms, Royal Velvet supplies the body with energy producing nutrition, brain motivating nutrients, and overall strength, stamina, and endurance. Royal Velvet also helps you handle stress better. Many scientists consider stress a major cause of weight gain. We have innumerable athletes, as well as “ordinary” people, who rave about the remarkable improvements in energy, strength, stamina, and endurance while using Royal Velvet. See our testimonial page for amazing real-life stories that you can relate to.   

Imagine having the energy to do physical activity whenever you want to. Imagine no longer feeling tired all the time. Imagine having a brain that is highly motivated, alert, and helps you be upbeat, happy, and energetic. Just imagine.        

9) Muscle density and BMR. 

Royal Velvet notably increases the amount of muscle tissue AND muscle density you have, through various mechanisms (even WITHOUT exercise!). One cubic inch of muscle uses 3 to 5 times more calories than does one cubic inch of fat tissue! Again, it is simple math. The more muscles you have, the more calories you burn and the more fat loss you will see. Most people have heard of BMI or Body Mass Index. But the key is BMR, or Basal Metabolic Rate. Your BMR is the minimal number of calories needed to sustain life at a resting state. The more muscles you have and the more dense those muscles are, the more  calories it will take to sustain those muscles. Once again, it is simple math. Your body will use fat cells for calories (to burn as energy) if you consume less calories per day than you use.      

10) Pain, stiffness, and immobility. 

People that suffer from pain syndromes, stiffness, or immobility do not exercise or move around as much as those who do not suffer from these problems. This lifestyle is a major cause of weight gain and obesity. Royal Velvet has proven nutrients, like the cartilage-repairing  glycosaminoglycans, the nerve damage repairing nerve growth factors, and dozens of anti-inflammatory nutrients that reverse pain, stiffness, and immobility. Not by “masking” the SYMPTOMS, but by actually REPAIRING the problems! This allows the user of Royal Velvet to do more physical activity, burn more calories per day, increase metabolism, improve muscle density (which as stated above burns even more calories) and helps get you out of the vicious cycle of weight gain, immobility, and lethargy.   

We have received thousands of testimonies from people reporting near miraculous relief from pain, stiffness, and immobility. This is because Royal Velvet addresses the CAUSE of these problems and does not simply MASK the SYMPTOMS.   

The good news is when you correct all ten of these problems, you remove yourself from the vicious weight cycle. You then put yourself in the healthy cycle, of feeling energetic, hopeful and motivated – seeing RESULTS, feeling GREAT, and looking GOOD!     

As you can see, all ten of these problems correlate with one another. Is fatigue, depression, lack of motivation, stiffness, or pain causing you not to exercise, take a walk, or even move around very much? Royal Velvet REVERSES these hindrances, causing you to feel energized, motivated, and wanting to get up and move. The more you move, exercise, play, train, work around the yard, participate in a sport, workout at the health club or gym, ride a bike, play with the kids, or grandkids, walk around the block, or park, or mall… the more calories you burn and the more muscle you build. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, the more fat loss you see. The more fat loss, the more healthy you are, and on and on goes the HEALTHY cycle! ALL of this due to taking one product that produces all these results! Royal Velvet!  

Bonus 11) Over burdened with toxins and chemicals. 

Maybe you know this or maybe you have never heard this explained before. When you consume vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients, your body KNOWS what to do with them, putting them to good use. When you consume chemicals, like drugs, fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides in food, breathe them in, or absorb them through your skin, your body does not USE them. Your body was not designed to use these bizarre chemicals with bizarre molecular structures and molecular weights. In fact, many of these toxins and chemicals end up being STORED in your body, in FAT CELLS. If your body does not have enough fat cells to store these toxic substances, your body will CREATE more fat cells to store the toxins and chemicals.   

You have organs that remove toxins, poisons, and chemicals from your body. The more efficient these organs work, the more efficient they are at removing excess toxins and chemicals from your body. Again, it is simple math. Less chemicals to build up in the body, less fat cells needed to store these substances. 

Royal Velvet aids every organ and system in your body to function more effectively, efficiently, and timely. From aiding your circulatory system (to more efficiently remove waste), your liver (the organ that detoxifies your blood) to promoting proper elimination in your gastrointestinal tract (where you remove the vast majority of waste matter from your body), Royal Velvet helps you lose excess fat through its ability to promote healthy, functioning organs and bodily systems.  

Bonus 12) Dieting causes weight gain. 

You probably have heard this a million times, but it is worth repeating. Dieting causes your metabolism to slow down, burning fewer calories. Dieting makes your body think you are starving, so it goes into a survival mode of lowering your metabolic set point to save calories. Obviously dieting does NOT work in the long run for healthy, PERMANENT weight loss.   

Royal Velvet and Royal Velvet Pure resets your metabolic set point, revving up your metabolism. It does this through a plethora of ways, several are mentioned above. 1) Properly nutrifying your body so it doesn’t think you are starving. 2) Balancing hormones. 3) Re-establishing proper brain chemistry. 4) Bringing your endocrine system to its most efficient state. 5) Improving your BMR. 6) Getting you more active, so your body will naturally burn more calories – looking to your fat stores for instant fuel. 6) Repairing damage to all your organs, including those involved in metabolism: your spleen, liver, brain (hypothalymus), pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, small intestine, and others. 7) Improving overall health and reversing the aging process, giving you youthful vitality!   

*A couple of pointers for those wanting to see the weight/fat loss benefits of Royal Velvet.   

* Take at least the minimum adult dosage: 3 sprays 4 times per day. Make sure you take 3 sprays at night, right before bedtime. This is the most important time to take Royal Velvet. We receive amazing testimonies from all sorts of people who take this dosage. However, about 10%-15% of the population most likely will need more to see dramatic weight loss results.   

Therefore, know that the more you take, the more results you will see. The “maximum” we recommend is around 3 sprays 12 to 15 times per day.   

*When you begin feeling upbeat and energized, break out of your lethargic patterns and move. Take a walk around the block. Ride a bike. Go work out. Do calisthenics in your living room (while watching TV) instead of sitting on the sofa.   

*When your cravings for junk food or food in general diminishes, stop eating the bad stuff.   

*DO EAT healthy, organic, raw food, and as much of it as you want. The key here is this fact: raw vegetables (and some fruits) take more calories to digest than they contain. And remember, dieting does NOT work. You want to NUTRIFY your body with nutrient dense foods that contain “normal” amounts of calories.   

The bottom line:   

There is no other single product available in the world that is more beneficial at helping you lose excess fat, stabilize weight, improve overall health, and get you off the vicious cycle, than Royal Velvet