Why should I give my pet Royal Velvet Pure and not Royal Velvet?  

We HIGHLY recommend that you give your pets ROYAL VELVET PURE and NOT Royal Velvet. Royal Velvet Pure has no flavorings and is more desirable for your pets due to its slightly ‘earthy taste’. Also, some dog breeds are allergic to xylitol, which is one of the three natural flavorings in Royal Velvet (lemon extract from the rinds of lemons, stevia from the leaves of a shrub in South America, and xylitol from corn cobs).

NOTE: No harm has ever been reported to any pets taking Royal Velvet. We simply believe from experience that Royal Velvet Pure is more palatable and easier to give to pets. 

Why should I give Royal Velvet Pure to my pet?

Honestly, there is nothing you can do for your pet that is more powerful and more effective for their overall health and well-being as well as encouraging a long life – than to give them Royal Velvet Pure.

Ask yourself this question: Do you want your four-legged family member to have the highest quality of life – living to their maximum potential of years?

Nothing can give you that assurance and comfort as well as accomplish such an amazing feat except providing Royal Velvet Pure to your beloved pet.

How can Royal Velvet Pure increase longevity and quality of life?

Royal Velvet Pure is not like any other food supplement in the world. With its ability to allow 97+% of the nutrients to be absorbed directly into the blood stream within a minute – Royal Velvet Pure is unrivaled in absorption.

Hundreds and hundreds of properly balanced minerals, amino acids, glycosaminoglycans, fatty acids, phospholipids, proteoglyclans, nucleotides, and the amazing growth factors are some of the incredible nutrients that your pet will receive. MANY of these life-changing substances cannot be found in any other pet supplement.

Royal Velvet Pure contains hundreds of unique nutrients that have been scientifically proven to do the following:

  • Reverse the aging process
  • Protect the DNA of cells
  • Repair damaged cells, tissue, organs, and systems
  • Optimize bodily functions
  • Strengthen the body to the point of preventing injury
  • Increasing brain function, intelligence, creativity, and elevating mood
  • Increase strength, stamina, and energy
  • Improve hearing, eyesight, taste, smell, and feeling
  • Improve the health of the skin and hair (coat)
  • Strengthen and improve the health of bones and teeth 

Is Royal Velvet Pure safe?

Royal Velvet Pure consists of natural nutrients (not man-made synthetics) utilized by the body the way God intended. Royal Velvet Pure is simply a nutrient dense superfood that bypasses the digestive system, entering the body within a minute upon being placed in the mouth.

Are there any known harmful side effects?

There are none that have ever been reported to us. There are no studies on Royal Velvet Pure that implicate any harmful side effects. 

What is the recommended dosage for pets?

For all cats, and those dogs weighing less than 30 pounds, our recommended dosage is 3 sprays twice per day. This would use up one bottle in one month. (6 sprays per day times 30 days equals 180 sprays.) For dogs weighing over 30 pounds, we recommend between 4 to 6 sprays twice per day. The larger the dog, the larger the dosage. This will consume one and a half bottles to two bottles of Royal Velvet Pure per month. NOTE: You can always double the dosage for any pet that is injured, undergoing stress, old, or is having health problems. 

How do I give Royal Velvet Pure to my pet?

The easiest and best way to give it to your pet is by spraying the product directly in your pet’s clean, empty food bowl. A stainless steel bowl is best, but not required. IF your pet will lick the bowl, then you have successfully accomplished giving the dosage to your pet. If they refuse to lick the bowl, then spraying it directly into their mouth is the only other way for the nutrients to get into the blood stream of your pet.

NOTE: Your pet’s food bowl MUST ONLY have Royal Velvet Pure in it and be empty of all other food and substances in order to have a “successful” absorption. The ONLY exception is if your pet refuses to lick the bowl with only Royal Velvet Pure in it, you may place a small piece of food in the bowl in order to get your pet to lick the entire bowl clean.

You CAN spray Royal Velvet Pure directly into your pet’s mouth, if that is what you and they prefer. It may take TWO people to do it (one holds the mouth open and the other person sprays Royal Velvet Pure into the mouth of your pet.)

Do NOT spray Royal Velvet Pure onto food or any other item, as the liposomal delivery system does not work that way. It needs to be sprayed directly into your pet’s mouth (anywhere is fine) or in their food bowl (with NOTHING ELSE in their bowl), allowing your pet to lick the bowl clean.

We recommend two equal dosages per day. Once in the morning and once in the evening is best. But there is no “bad” time to give your pet Royal Velvet Pure except directly AFTER they have eaten, which may hinder absorption a bit.

Can I give the entire day’s dosage at one time?

We do NOT recommend spraying more than half of the daily dosage for Royal Velvet Pure at any one time. This improves its percentage of absorption for each dosage. If you think your pet does not lick the bowl clean, or for some reason does not get enough of the Royal Velvet Pure in each dosage, then you could add an additional spray per dosage.

Can I give MORE than the recommended dosage of Royal Velvet Pure to my pet?

You certainly may. However, here are our recommended guidelines. The “upper limits” dosage should be around three times the recommended dosage. This dosage is not uncommon for pets with an injury, a major illness, or if they are very old. Also any pet suffering from trauma, stress, or emotional upset may benefit from more Royal Velvet Pure. 

Is Royal Velvet Pure OK for all animals?

Royal Velvet Pure can be given to any pet that is a mammal. Birds, fish, turtles, crabs, snakes, any reptile, insects, spiders, and lizards are NOT recommended to receive Royal Velvet Pure. (No harm is done that we know of, but we also have no real studies or research on these kinds of animals either.)

We have absolutely amazing testimonies of horses that were to be “put down” recovering from injuries and illness. Of course a horse is a huge animal and needs more Royal Velvet Pure than a small pet. Six sprays several times a day has been given to horses with success.

Small rodents (rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs), chinchillas, gerbils, ferrets, rabbits, and the like could be given Royal Velvet Pure, especially if they are ill, injured, or feeble. Administration is the question – how do you get the Royal Velvet Pure in their mouths? Again, the best way would be in a clean, empty bowl that they would lick.

Larger pets such as goats, pigs, llamas, monkeys, big cats, raccoons, foxes… certainly can receive the same dosage as a large dog, administered the same way: in a clean, empty food bowl that they lick.

Can Royal Velvet Pure be given to pregnant pets?

Absolutely! There is NOTHING better for every part of the reproduction process than Royal Velvet Pure. Royal Velvet Pure has been used very successfully by breeders for the health of the mother before, during, and after pregnancy, the overall health of the puppies/kittens before and after birth, whelping and continued healthy growth. Since Royal Velvet Pure aids every bodily function, the mother should have a more healthy pregnancy, fewer complications, easier delivery, and overall better pre and post pregnancy.

Does Royal Velvet Pure cure pet diseases?

We would like to tell you the truth about all the things that Royal Velvet Pure can do for your pet, but due to the fact that pets receive nearly the identical benefits that humans do, we have to pass on answering that question. You obviously want to know why. So here is the truth about why we cannot divulge the truth about Royal Velvet Pure and disease.

The United States Government, specifically the Food and Drug Administration, has very strict laws governing what truths can be made public about food supplements. The best way for you to understand it is for us to give you an analogy. Let’s say that one hundred double blind studies with 100,000 subjects has been done on a natural food supplement, we will call “supplement X”, and its ability to cure a horrible disease we will call “disease A”, with a 100% success rate in all one hundred studies. You would think that that would be front-page news around the world. A sure way to get rid of “disease A”, simply by using “supplement X”. But that is not the case. If that truth was to be made public, “supplement X” would instantly be illegal for the manufacturer to sell. According to the law, only prescription drugs can claim to prevent, treat, or cure ANY disease.

Therefore, we are bound by the law from telling you all the benefits you AND your pet can receive through taking Royal Velvet Pure.

Royal Velvet Pure can have the same amazing effects for pets as it can for humans.  It will reverse the aging process and will help with all bodily functions, including joint and ligament pains, which means a more playful and youthful pet. Read the 25 typical benefits for humans, and each of those benefits applies to your pet as well. Your pet will most likely have a MUCH higher quality of life and live longer.

How do I store Royal Velvet Pure?

The best place to store Royal Velvet Pure is in a kitchen or laundry room cabinet or location where there is no direct sunlight, at room temperature. Never refrigerate Royal Velvet Pure, as it will turn “gummy” and you might not be able to spray the product.

The worst thing for Royal Velvet Pure is direct sunlight. This degrades the product. The second worst thing is high temperatures for long periods of time. Anything over 150 degrees for extended periods of time is bad. An example of this would be putting a bottle in your car in the summer, where temperatures can reach over 150 degrees.  NOTE: There is no problem with shipping it to you in the summer months.