Why is Royal Velvet the most potent and best antler velvet product in the world? There are 5 MAIN reasons why Royal Velvet is the best antler velvet product in the world, and subsequently for you.

1)  No other antler velvet product sold in the world has our extract, proprietary formula, and manufacturing process.

2)  A majority of antler velvet companies in the United States lie about their product, make false claims, have false ingredient lists, and/or get their product from “shady characters”. Our company is an honest, honorable, and ethical company that makes helping people and telling the truth its top priority.

3)  Over 99% of all the antler velvet products sold in the world do NOT have the unique, life-changing nutrients that are found in Royal Velvet. (NOTE: Keep on reading, we’ll explain the problems and dangers with the remaining <1%.) Royal Velvet does have all the growth factors and unique life-changing nutrients found in antler velvet, as well as a delivery system that allows ALL of these nutrients to enter your body.

4)  Royal Velvet is the ONLY antler velvet product in the world that has the proper balance of all the available nutrients used by the body that actually ENTER the body. All other company’s antler velvet products are either missing at least some of the most important nutrients OR manipulate (mess with) the antler velvet causing a potentially harmful and dangerous imbalance of growth factors: such as the IGF-1 labeled antler velvet products.

5)  Royal Velvet is the most honored, most written about, and most touted antler velvet product in the world. (The proof is in the pudding –so-to-speak. Our clients LOVE our product, see dramatic results with our product, and know from experience ours is better than other antler velvet products that they have tried.) There are other companies who spend a lot of money advertising, paying “famous” spokespersons to promote their inferior products, and put out “press releases” touting their company and their antler velvet products. But none of these companies have the world’s leading scientists, authors, researchers, health advocates, and media personalities willingly promoting their product like they do our products Royal Velvet and Royal Velvet Pure.  

Consider these FACTS: 

A)   A kilo (2.2 pounds) of regular antler velvet extract costs between $30 and $50. This extract does NOT contain the growth factors and other rare, life-changing nutrients. (It does contain amino acids and minerals.) 99% of all antler velvet products sold in the world come from this raw material. Our extract costs  thousands of dollars per kilo (hundreds of times more than the regular extract). Because of its cost and the fact that the raw material is difficult to obtain (very limited supply), very FEW companies have access to this raw material.

B)   ANY antler velvet product that is a capsule, tablet, powder, or liquid that you swallow in order to absorb the nutrients WILL NOT provide you with the growth factors and some of the other vital life-changing nutrients, even if they are in the raw material. Why?  The hydrochloric acid in the stomach would destroy 100% of these delicate nutrients. Zero percent absorption of the most important nutrients renders every one of these antler velvet products obsolete at best and unnecessarily expensive at worst.

C)   Since 99% of all antler velvet products sold in the world do NOT contain the growth factors and/or some of the other vital nutrients that make antler velvet unique and life-changing – why would anyone want to waste their money on such a product?

D)   Some antler velvet products in the US are actually manipulated to have potentially harmful amounts of one growth factor (IGF-1) over all other growth factors. We believe it is proven scientifically that these IGF-1 products will proliferate cancer cells in the people that use them. Royal Velvet has a proper balance to stop this proliferation.

E)    Some antler velvet products on the market in the US place their extract in ethanol or alcohol, which destroys the growth factors, rendering their antler velvet ineffective. It is a know FACT that the reason babies are born with birth defects to alcoholic mothers is because the alcohol destroys the growth factors in the womb of the developing fetus. 

F)    North American antler velvet companies refuse to mention Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) that infects herds of elk and deer in North America. This is obviously a “touchy” subject for them because they can offer no assurance that their product is safe from CWD, because no North American antler velvet company tests every one of their elk for CWD.

FYI: People have died from consuming CWD infected deer and elk in the North America. No CWD is found in New Zealand herds. 

All this information is FACT. Hopefully this will convince you that Royal Velvet and Royal Velvet Pure are the only antler velvet products that are safe, or effective, or proven/tested, or sold by a honest health company.

Many companies that sell antler velvet products actually use OUR testimonies and articles on their websites to promote their products. 

So who are the famous athletes who have testified to the benefits of our product? 

Hundreds of the world’s top athletes have discovered Royal Velvet. No other antler velvet company in the world has the number of world-class athletes taking their product that we have. With hundreds of the most famous athletes in the world on Royal Velvet, this has generated a demand for Royal Velvet amongst athletes all across the globe. 

NOTE: Even if we controlled 100% of the entire raw material available in the world, less than one hundredth of one percent of the world’s athletes will be able to purchase Royal Velvet due to the extremely limited amount of raw material that makes Royal Velvet so unique. 

So who are these famous athletes? 

We respect the privacy of all of our clients, including our “rich and famous” clients – UNLESS they give us a personal testimony and permission to use it. PLEASE know that we do NOT compensate ANY famous (or non-famous) person for their endorsement OR testimony of Royal Velvet. All testimonies are unsolicited. 

All of the following people have testified to using our product: 

  • Heisman trophy winners.
  • MVPs (Most Valuable Players) in a Super Bowl.
  • Many of the top golfers on the PGA Champions Tour.
  • The major league baseball player who hit the most home runs in a season.
  • The winner of the Daytona 500.
  • NBA basketball players.
  • Scores of NFL football players.
  • NHL hockey players.
  • Over a hundred Olympic athletes, including many gold medal winners.
  • Hundreds of college athletes.
  • The world’s most famous big-mouth bass fisherman.
  • Scores of NASCAR and auto racing drivers.
  • Marathon winners.
  • Mixed martial artists.
  • Top rated boxers in all weight classes.
  • And so many more.