Biohacking is described on Wikipedia as: “Nutrigenomics, using nutrition to take control of human biology”, and “do-it-yourself biology, people who try to improve their own bodies”.

There are hundreds of reasons WHY Royal Velvet is THE ultimate biohack product, but here are the top ten:

  1. Royal Velvet is the most nutrient-dense food on the planet. No other food source product contains the number of nutrients (over 1,000), the variety, the bio-availability, or the proper balance of nutrients than what Royal Velvet has.
  2. Royal Velvet is the most life-changing product in the world. No other product can dramatically and noticeably improve the human body in so many different ways.
  3. Royal Velvet is the most powerful of the few adaptogens in the world. It properly balances the body’s functions, hormones, and human systems’ performance.
  4. Royal Velvet is the only product in the world that has a balanced plethora of growth factors. Growth factors are the ‘miraculous’ substances that regulate cellular life, replication, and death.
  5. Royal Velvet creates an abundant amount of stem cells. Stems cells can be used by the body to replace damaged or non-functioning cells.
  6. Royal Velvet is the most powerful brain enhancing supplement in the world. No other product can do more to increase brain function, memory, mental clarity, intelligence, and mood.
  7. Royal Velvet is the number one anti-aging product in the world. It actually helps reverse the effects of aging through slowing down the shortening of the telomeres, improving cellular function, creating more cells than are lost, and other age-reversing activities.
  8. Royal Velvet protects the DNA integrity of human cells. This ability alone is a biohack game changer.
  9. Royal Velvet repairs and restores damaged organs and systems. Whether through injury, aging, or disease, the reparative qualities are second to none.
  10. Royal Velvet is the world’s ULTIMATE biohack because it does more to improve the overall human condition than any other singular product in the world.