This MAY be the most important blog you have ever read. Understanding (and implementing) the truths presented here can radically transform your life for the better, beyond your wildest imagination.

This information is so vitally important, we are presenting it in three blogs.  Part 2  will be sent tomorrow, Part 3 the following day. NOTE: If you are anxious to read the entire article, there is a link at the end of today’s blog.

There is one and only one purpose for sleep.

To replenish the neurotransmitters that you have used up throughout the course of the day.

What are neurotransmitters?

Neurotransmitters are liquid chemicals that allow electrical impulses to move across one brain cell to another brain cell, as well as to send signals throughout your entire body. Your brain has 100 billion brain cells, called neurons. Amazingly, none of them are connected to each other. There are huge spaces, called synapses, between all your neurons.

Tens of millions of brains cells are involved in nearly every electrical impulse, with millions happening every minute at lightning speed.

The brain uses neurotransmitters as a conduit for the electrical impulse. When an electrical impulse comes to a brain cell that has no neurotransmitters connecting it to another brain cell, the electrical impulse stops.

The more neurotransmitters, the more efficient your brain will function. The less neurotransmitters, the less brain function. If your brain had no neurotransmitters, you would be brain dead. Literally dead.

So, what does sleep have to do with this?

You have four dimensions of sleep. Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta sleep. During the deep dimensions of sleep (Gamma and Delta), your brain goes into a “replenish mode”, utilizing amino acids and a plethora of other substances to make neurotransmitters.  This is to replace the vast number of neurotransmitters that you have used up throughout the course of your day.

You spend on average around two hours every night in each dimension of sleep. In the first two dimensions of sleep, no neurotransmitters are replenished. This is your brain basically going from consciousness to unconsciousness.

It is in the two deep dimensions of sleep in which neurotransmitters are made and replenished.  But just because you slept 8 hours does NOT mean you spent 4 hours in deep sleep. There are MANY variables to getting your neurotransmitters fully replenished.

The most important other variable?

You need BUILDING materials to replenish the neurotransmitters!

Neurotransmitters do not come from thin air. They are manufactured from nutrients. Therefore, if your brain does not have the PROPER KINDS of NUTRIENTS AND the PROPER AMOUNTS of those NUTRIENTS, you will not be able to make enough neurotransmitters to replenish what you used up that day. Let alone fully replenish the nearly two dozen different KINDS of neurotransmitters for optimal brain function.

And what does it mean when this happens?

You are tired. You are grumpy or depressed or angry or moody or mentally not all there. You do not think clearly. You make mistakes. You forget things easily. You are not productive. And those are just the things that go wrong mentally the very next day.

Over a period of time you can develop all sorts of brain and mental problems, from depression to suicidal thoughts to dementia to more devastating brain ‘disorders’.

Also, physically you are more prone to manifest illness. After all, when your lungs or liver or any organ signals your brain, your brain simply can NOT analyze the information as well. (Ever use a REAL SLOW computer? One that drives you crazy? OK, that is what the rest of your body is thinking about your brain when you are lacking neurotransmitters!)

Therefore, every system in your body, every organ, EVERY CELL suffers!

Now what about the exact opposite?

What if you are able to not only replenish the neurotransmitters that you use up every day, but are able to add copious amounts of neurotransmitters to your brain?