Yesterday, we learned that there is ONLY ONE purpose for sleep – to replenish the neurotransmitters that you use up throughout the course of the day.

We also learned that there are two vital components to getting your neurotransmitters replenished. 1) You MUST get 4 hours of deep sleep (the Gamma and Delta dimensions of sleep) and 2) you MUST provide your brain with all the different kinds and amounts of nutrients needed to manufacturer and replenish the two dozen different neurotransmitters.

But there is a problem. With both of these vital necessities.

First, most people do not get 4 hours of deep sleep every night, even though they are in bed ‘sleeping’ for 8 hours, or more. Why?

Have you ever had “one of those nights”? The dogs are barking, or the sirens wailing, or you are too hot or too cold, your spouse is snoring or pulling on the covers, or the baby is crying, there’s a cat fight in the backyard, you are worried about something, suffering from pain, or have something important you can’t stop thinking about, or any number of sleep disturbing things that can happen that you are not even aware of.

Which includes improper brain chemistry, allergies, hormone problems, circadian rhythms, and all sorts of bodily things that can be ‘out-of-whack’ to hinder deep sleep.

What happens on a night like that is you were in and out of Alpha and Beta sleep (moving from consciousness to shallow sleep). You never spent much time in the deep dimensions of sleep and therefore did not replenish any (or very few) neurotransmitters. Therefore, you get up in the morning and feel worse than when you went to bed at night. You “drag your wagon” all day. You are grumpy, forgetful, easily agitated, have droopy eyelids, struggle to think clearly, sleepy, make mistakes…

The second problem with not replenishing all your neurotransmitters is NOT getting all the different kinds AND amounts of nutrients your brain needs to be able to replenish the neurotransmitters you used up today, let alone efficiently replenish them for OPTIMAL brain function. Missing any nutritive components will cause major problems, just like, for example, missing the single components of an engine in a car or a roof on a house will cause MAJOR problems. The car will not run without an engine (its main purpose) and the house without a roof will be unlivable (its main purpose.)

The same can be said for your brain. Missing components will cause devastating effects. You are most likely experiencing some, if not many, or those effects now.

NOTE: Supplements, even ‘natural’ food source supplements that are not synthetic or drugs, don’t work for many reasons. They may only provide nutrients for one or two neurotransmitters, or can’t get past the blood brain barrier, and more times than not, causes an imbalance of the other neurotransmitters.

Food, even organic food, has considerably less nutrients today than just ten years ago. Most people are deprived of several important neurotransmitters due to their diet, which is lacking in the wide variety of necessary nutrients.

Also, the average American’s digestive system in the 21stcentury does not absorb nutrients from food efficiently. There are scores of other reasons. Here are two, for example: 1) ALL food that is cooked destroys all the enzymes that aid in nutrient absorption. 2) A ‘clogged’ GI tract, which over half of all Americans have, hinders the absorption of nutrients.

So what IS THE solution to these two main problems?

That is what you will discover in tomorrow’s blog.