In the previous two blogs, we learned that there are two sides to the sleep ‘coin’. 1) Getting 4 hours of deep sleep. 2) Providing the brain with the proper KINDS and AMOUNTS of nutrients it needs to effectively replenish and manufacture all your neurotransmitters.

We also learned that these two necessary things are rare, extremely difficult to obtain for most people due to their lifestyle and diet, as well as simply unknown.


How CAN you get deep sleep EVERY night? How CAN you get ALL the nutrients  (with all the pitfalls of absorption problems) that your brain needs to function OPTIMALLY?

Is there a solution?

Yes, there is. And what happens when you implement THE SOLUTION?

You will increase your intelligence, be happier, have more mental energy, better memory, be able to multi-task, handle stress better, in addition to a plethora of other mind-boggling benefits! And that is just the next day. 

Doing THE SOLUTION over time, you will dramatically improve your overall health, both mentally and physically.


Royal Velvet and Royal Sleep.

First, Royal Velvet. It’s the most life-changing natural food product in the world. A nutrient-dense food that contains hundreds of different nutrients, with scores of health benefits BESIDES optimal brain function.

Royal Velvet supplies your brain with EVERY known building material (nutrients) needed to replenish EVERY neurotransmitter. Also, the really good news is these vital nutrients are delivered directly into the brain via your circulatory system (by-passing the 30 foot long GI tract), past the blood-brain barrier, in ample amounts, when you take it at night right before bedtime!

There is NO other food supplement that is more efficient at supplying the necessary kinds and amounts of nutrients to the brain than Royal Velvet. PERIOD! 

AND though Royal Velvet also helps many people get into the deep dimensions of sleep quicker, some people need Royal Sleep to accomplish the goal of ultimate sleep. All natural Royal Sleep prepares your brain for rapidly getting into the deep dimensions of sleep. Like Royal Velvet, it has no harmful side effects and works for almost everyone, so well that we have received thousands of testimonies declaring it.

Many, if not most of our clients using both Royal Velvet and Royal Sleep report sleeping an hour or two less per night yet feeling better, more alert, and more mentally energetic throughout the day.

And on top of that, your mind would be clearer and functioning more optimally. You would be very productive, accomplishing tasks in much less time than it would normally take you.

Ideal sleep. It is one of the incredible benefits you receive when taking Royal Velvet and Royal Sleep!

How do we know?

Thousands of people have communicated with us their transformation stories. You may read some of them here.

Stop wasting one third of your life NOT accomplishing what that time was designed for.  There are 1,440 minutes in a day. It takes less than 3 minutes to take the daily adult dosage of Royal Velvet and Royal Sleep.

Now that you KNOW the truth, you have a choice. What’s it going to be? Do nothing and have minimal brain function or consistently take Royal Velvet and Royal Sleep, experiencing the noticeable and life-changing benefits of having optimal brain function and health?